Topic 36: 9 December 2017: Love them or hate them? - Gadgets, Cars, Machines, Toys ..

1. So, do you love or hate gadgets, cars, machines, toys etc ...?

2. What is your favourite gadget? Why?

3. For some people, gadgets etc are strictly used for doing a job. Others like to play with them, experiment with them, or even invent them. What about you? Why?

4. What are three machines you could not live without? Why do you need them?

5. Do you try to fix machines etc when they fail, or do you just throw them away? Why?

6. Australia has very big hardware stores like Bunnings because many Australians like to make things and fix things themselves. Is it the same in your home counrty? Why or why not?

7. If you were Dictator of the World and could ban anything, which gadget or machine would you ban? Why?

8. What kind of gadget or machine would you like to invent? Why?

9. Airline pilots learn to fly planes on flight simulators. Surgeons (doctors) can practice some operations on simulated bodies. Now we can learn to do some things (e.g. driving) with virtual reality headsets. What would you like to learn to do using virtual reality? Why?

10. Do you think that a 'language bot' (a robot with artificial intelligence) could soon teach you a new language? Would you like to learn that way? Why or why not?


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