Topic 35: 24 November 2017: Having fun - what does fun mean for you?

1. What do you most enjoy doing? Why?

2. When can work be fun? When is it not fun? Why? Who do you think finds work fun?

3. Does everyone in your family enjoy doing the same things? How do they differ in this?

4. If you had to organize a party, what would you plan for the people coming?

5. Now everyone has smart phones, are they having less fun together? What could you do about that?

6. Do you think it is more fun to live in the city or the country? Why?

7. Can people be spoiled by having too much fun?

8. What are some things you MUST do, but which are NOT fun at all? Why aren't they fun?

9. City governments have realized that there is big money in "organized fun" - sports stadiums, festivals etc. How much do you think they should invest in this kind of thing?

10. Having fun helps memory. What do you think is the best kind of "fun learning". Is "fun learning" enough to (for example) learn a new language?


35. Having fun - what does fun mean for you?  ©Thor May 2017