Topic 33: 27 October 2017: How Has Your Life Changed?

1. How has your life changed recently?

2. What are some changes you hope for in the future?

3. What are some changes you have noticed in technology in your lifetime? Good or bad?

4. My mother just turned 95. She was 12 years old before she saw an electric light switch. What will your grandchildren be amazed you didn't know about when you were a child.

5. What are some changes in social relationships you have noticed in your lifetime?

6. Do you think people's eating habits & diet have changed much from a generation ago? Think of examples.

7. Nearly all of you have learned another language. Maybe your ideas about HOW to learn a language have changed with experience. Describe what you used to think about language learning, and what you think now.

8. A generation ago most people expected to have only one or two jobs in their lifetime. This is no longer true. What is your opinion about jobs and education in the future?

9. 200 years ago an average English woman lived 42 years. In those 42 years she would have 16 pregnancies, and most of the babies would die. How has health care changed and how do you expect it to change in the future?

10. Fashions (not only clothes) change all the time. What are some recent fashions you have noticed? Which fashions do you think will endure, and which will change quickly? Why?


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