Topic 29: September 1 2017: A New Country - Internal & External Migration

Most people in this meetup have changed their country of living, some for months or years, some forever. Migration is forever. In the last 300 years hundreds of millions of people have also moved from farms and small towns to the city. This is called internal migration.

1. What are some reasons that people migrate?

2. Think of some good and bad things about migration.

3. When people migrate, families are often separated. How do people cope with this?

4. How do people choose what countries to migrate to?

5. How do you think people in countries of emigration feel about those who are leaving their country?

6. How do you think people in countries of immigration feel about immigrants?

7. How should a country like Australia decide which immigrants to accept?

8. Why do you think many countries refuse to accept immigrants?

9. There are now more than 60 million refugees in the world. Their lives are in danger if they go back to their home countries. How can this problem be solved?

10. When people migrate to a new country, their hearts are often in two places. How can they solve the problem of divided loyalties?



Extra reading: A couple of years ago I wrote an article about refugees. 2916 people around the world have now read this article: "How can we treat refugees humanely?" at



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