Topic 25: 21 July 2017: Opinions - giving opinions, keeping quiet, disagreeing, agreeing to differ ..

There are cultural and personal differences about sharing opinions. Some people are very careful about it. Some don't care. In some countries it is dangerous to express certain opinions.

<> I think [that]..; I believe [that] .. ; In my opinion, ..; It seems to me that .. ; Did you know that .. ;
<> Another way to express an opinion is to tell a little story as a example

1. Who do you share your opinions with? Who do you avoid sharing opinions with?

2. What is an opinion that you have strongly?

3. Twitter and Facebook often express people's opinions. What do you think about that?

4. Many online comment opinions are anonymous [no name]. What do you think about that?

5. What is the best way to change another person's opinion? Give an example.

7. When should you disagree with someone's opinion, and when should you just shut up?

8. When should children be allowed to give their opinion (or not)?

9. How do men and women differ in how they give opinions?

10. In some cultures, people rarely express strong opinions until they are drunk. What do you think about this?

11. Sometimes people tell a joke to show their opinion. Is this a good method? Why?/why not?


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