Topic 25: July 7 2017: Work you can get, and work you want


1. What kind of work have you ever done (paid and unpaid)?

2. What kind of work would you like to get in the future?

3. Which is more important to you: free time or a high income?

4. How important is it to have a "career" with progress like promotions?

5. Do you prefer work controlling other people, or being told what to do, or working for yourself? Why?

6. Would you rather do part-time work or full-time work? Why?

7. What kind of freelancing could you do? ("freelancing" is working for yourself, usually by looking on the internet for contracts to do some short-term job. For example, you might bid to write a computer program, or paint a house).

8. In a few years automation (computers etc) might take over most jobs. What will you do? (Seriously, think about it! The government won't save you).

9. How do you think getting married and having children might control the kind of work you can do?

10. After 50 years old most people find it hard to get another job. What will you do then? [50 will come very quickly!]

11. To tell the truth, most jobs soon become boring for most people. How will you plan to have an interesting life?


25. Work You Can Get and Work You Want ©Thor May 2017