Topic 20.  28 April 2017 :  Travelling (2)


1 Describe a journey that you have made. Remember as much detail as you can about people, places and events.

2. At this moment about half a million people are in the air flying somewhere. Only a generation ago these journeys had to be made by sea or rail or road. What are some ways (good and bad) that air travel has changed the quantity and quality of travel?

3. Can you remember any film or book or article about traveling somewhere? Tell us about it.

4. Some people travel with no more than a T-shirt and a toothbrush. Others take many suitcases. How do you prepare before you take a long journey?

5. Travel can be for a holiday, or for business, or to emigrate, or for education, or for many other purposes. What kind of travel do you like best? Why?

6. When we travel things often go wrong. Can you talk about a travel experience you had where something went wrong?

7. Some people like tourism, and some people hate it. What are good and bad things about tourism? (think about personal experience, the environment, business, the national economy, an so on).

8. Now more and more people take selfies and digital photos of everywhere they go. This is quite new. Do people experience more, or experience less when they photo everything? Why?

9. Is it best to travel alone, or with a partner, or in a group? Why?

10. Newspapers, TV, media, are always full of stories about wars, danger, revolutions, terrorists, and other threats. Is this a false picture of the world? How dangerous really is it to travel to other places? What precautions, if any, do you take?

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