Topic  16.    17 February 2017 :  How does your thinking change with time and experience?


1. What was/will be the most interesting question in your life when you were/will be 8 years old .... 15 y.o. .... 20 y.o. ... 25 y.o. ... 30, 35, 40, 60, 100 ... ?

2. What were some things you imagined about Australia before you came here?

3. How has your view of your home country changed since you travelled overseas?

4. How did your ideas about paid work or a career change after you left school?

5. Do you think you would change as a person if you became very rich? How?

6. How have your ideas about friendship changed from when you were a child? How many kinds of friendship are there?

7. What is something you thought you could never do that you finally succeeded in doing?

8. The young often want to “change the world to a better place” while the old are often more satisfied with “finding a comfortable place in the world as it is”. Why do people alter like this as they grow older?

9. My mother (who is 93) didn’t see a light switch until she was 12 years old. What are some technical things that have greatly changed your experience of life?

10. At what age do you think most people become happiest? Why?


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