Topic  15.  27 January 2017 :  The Meaning of Travel  (1)      

1. What does the word “travel” make you think of?

2. “The journey is more important than the destination”. What do you think this idiom means?

3. Most tourists want their travel experience to be only a little different from home: same food, same laws, same hotel rooms etc . Why do you think this is so?

4. What custom in another country did you find hardest to accept or adapt to?

5. How is the experience of working in another country different from the experience of being a student there? How are both different from just being a tourist?

6. “Medical tourism” is a very fast growing industry. For example dentistry can be 5 times more expensive in Australia than some other countries. What do you think are some risks and benefits of medical tourism?

7. How much reading and Internet research do you do before you visit another country?  Do you think learning about a country and culture before visiting can improve your experience when you go? Why/why not?

8. Most tourist photos are of ‘famous places’ and of the tourists themselves. There are already thousands of photos of these places, so what is the purpose of the photos? What might make more interesting photos of foreign places?

9. What difference does speaking another language make to your travel experience?

10.  Has travel changed your attitudes? Why/why not?


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