Topic 133 What's Crazy? Who's Crazy? 28 January 2022

1. What is something in the world that you think is completely crazy? Why?

2. "Mad, bad and dangerous to know" (this is an English expression). Who is a person like this whom you really would feel nervous about spending time with?

3. When you first came to Australia, maybe you noticed some things which seemed a bit crazy. Could you give an example?

4. Human brains are complicated. Every year 20% of Australians experience some kind of mental illness; (in some countries it is much higher). What are some common mental illnesses? How should you treat a mentally ill person?

5. We can't be serious all the time. Is it OK to act a little crazy sometimes? What's an example you can think of?

6. "Crazy" can mean lots of things, from being a bit different from what we expect to running around with an axe killing people. If someone is harmless [= not dangerous] but has some strange habits we call them eccentric. Tell us about an eccentric person you have met.

7. Finish this sentence: "It is crazy to ...... "

8. Imagine you are leading the government. Finish this sentence: "It would be crazy for Australia to ..."

9. Finish this sentence: "I would [have to] be crazy to ....".

10. Finish this sentence: "The craziest thing I ever saw was .... "


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