Topic 132 Too Hot? Too Cold? Too Windy? 17 December 2021

1. Well, what about today? Too hot? Too cold? Too windy? ... Or just right? What are some other ways to talk about the weather?

2. Maybe your friend is going to visit from overseas. How would you describe Adelaide's weather in September, December, April and July?

3. Why is Adelaide so windy at certain times of the year?

4. Do you believe that the earth's climate is changing? How do you expect that to affect Australia?


5. Think of 5 situations where you can say TOO + X (big, small, difficult ... etc). Make sentences for these.

6. Think of 5 types of people you dislike ( TOO PROUD .... etc). Make sentences for these.

7. Think of 5 problems which you can describe with TOO (TOO DIFFICULT ... etc). Make sentences for these.

A BIT ( [TOO] + X) - A BIT [TOO] HARD; A BIT [TOO] CRAZY ... etc. "A bit" makes "too" softer. Often we leave "too" out. e.g. "A bit heavy". "A bit" is also a soft way to describe something positive: e.g. "I was a bit excited" = "I was very/quite/rather excited".

8. Think of 5 sentences where you could say "a bit (too) ...". (For example, "I was a bit nervous before that interview.")

9. What is your opinion about this: "Life is too easy in Australia".

10. What is life like in a city or country which has too many people? Think of examples.


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