Topic 130 Big Changes Are Coming... 19 November 2021

1. What? Only one big change? What big changes will happen soon ... to you, or someone else... or to everyone?

2. In a few weeks from now, South Australia's borders will open after 2 years. How might that change our lives?

3. Lately news reports are full of stories about climate change. What do you know about this? Do you care about climate change? Do you think it is true? How might your children's lives be different?

4. What's a big change that might happen in your life? How will you plan for it?

5. Some people like change. Some people hate change. Some people are afraid of change. Some people feel that change makes life more interesting. What are your feelings about change?

6. For thousands of years people used almost the same technology. For the last 300 years technology has changed faster and faster. What new technologies might your children be using?

7. Do you actively try to change your life? Or do you just let changes arrive without any planning from you? Why or why not?

8. Since 1947 Australia has encouraged more and more immigrants. Now a lot of Australians want to change this pattern. They want Australia to accept fewer immigrants, and maybe different kinds of immigrants. What is your opinion about immigration? Is the present pattern OK, or should it change? Why or why not?

9. How has social media changed how lives? How will it change us in the future? What social media do you use?

10. Soon electric cars, and maybe hydrogen engine cars, will begin to replace petrol and diesel vehicles. When will you buy an electric car or electric bike? What new jobs and industries will this change cause? Which countries might lose influence as the world moves away from oil?


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