Topic 13.   16 December 2016 :  Diet, exercise, having a long and happy life

1. Exercise and certain diets have become fashionable for some people. Others are sarcastic about diet and exercise. What do you think?

2. 63.4% of Australians are overweight and it is getting worse every year. What is the cure? What is the situation in your home country with obesity? (e.g. see this China Daily report )

3. The world's oldest woman is 117 years. She is Italian and for 90 years has lived on 3 eggs a day (2 of them raw) and a few biscuits. She hates vegetables! Would you follow this diet plan? Why or why not?

4. In experiments, rats on a restricted diet live about 30% longer. People were healthiest in England during World War II, when everybody was on rations. Would you eat less to live longer?

5. Your organizer, Thor, is 71 y.o. and runs 3 times a day, 8 km altogether. He has been running since 16 y.o. and thinks it keeps him young. Why do so few people do real exercise after about 30 y.o. ?  What about you?

6. Mental illness is common. Each year about a quarter of Americans  (57.7 million) suffer mental illness, and about 1 in 5 Australians. What is the number for your home country? Much mental illness comes from being unable to manage stress. Exercise makes you resilient against stress. Why do people use drugs, medicines, alcohol ... as a solution to stress when exercise works better?

7. "green", "organic", "healthy", "wellness" are very popular words in advertising now. Many businesses make money from the fashion for health. How does this influence what people really do, or is it all just talk and wishes?

8. Quite a few people now wear an 'activity tracker'. For example I wear a Fitbit Charge HR. This constantly measures my heart rate, how many steps I take each day, how long I am active, how long I sleep ... and so on. In your opinion, how useful is this kind of information? Would it influence your personal diet and exercise?

9. Maybe until about 30 y.o. being fit and healthy is about being sexy. Maybe for older people being fit and healthy is about staying alive! What do you think?

10. What is your diet and exercise plan for the rest of your life?


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