Topic 126 Telling Lies for Fun 24 September 2021

1. Imagine you are in a bar. You want to impress a guy or a girl.
Speaker A: Lie about the job you do (for example, "I'm an airline pilot"). Now tell some more lies to explain things about this job and make yourself seem important.
Speaker B: You don't really believe A. Ask some questions about A's "job".

2. Reverse roles from 1. - Speaker A lies and speaker B asks questions

3. You are being interviewed for a job. Name the job and the job requirements.
Speaker A (job applicant): lie about your experience and qualifications.
Speaker B (interviewer): Question A carefully about the experience and qualifications they claim to have.

4. Reverse roles from 3. - Speaker A lies and speaker B asks questions

5. A teenager went to a party without telling his/her parents.
Speaker A (teenager): Lie to your parent about where you went and what you did
Speaker B (parent): You don't really believe A. Question A carefully about where they went, when, and what they did.

6. Reverse roles from 5. - Speaker A lies and speaker B asks questions

7. A police officer has forced you to stop you for speeding, after you did not stop at first when waved over. He also finds that your car's lights are not working properly.
Speaker A (driver) - Lie about why you were speeding, then did not stop. Make excuses about the faulty lights. Maybe you even try to bribe the policeman (= big trouble in Australia).
Speaker B (policeman) You have heard such lies many times. Remain professional and question the driver thoroughly.

8. Reverse roles from 7. - Speaker A lies and speaker B asks questions

9. You bought a new apartment "off the plan" (before it was built) in a multi-story apartment block. After you move in you find that there are leaks, the air conditioning is faulty, there are cracks in the wall, and many other problems.
Speaker A (new apartment owner) - tell the building manager your complaints and try to get the corporation owning the building to accept responsibility. Threaten him with legal action.
Speaker B (building manager, representing a corporation) - you lie, saying the corporation has no liability for any faults. Lie that fixing each fault must be at the expense of the apartment owner. Lie that the corporation has no legal case to answer. Discourage the apartment owner, but try not to make them too angry.

10. Reverse roles from 9. - Speaker B lies and speaker A complains

11. It is election time. A political candidate has knocked on your door and is trying to persuade you that he/she will help you, the householder in many ways. The politician tells many lies.
Speaker A (householder) - Tell the politician all the things you think are wrong with the government. Give a list of all the promises which have been broken.
Speaker B (politician) - Lie about the governments past 'wonderful record', list the government's many achievements, lie that the broken promises were not really broken.

12. Reverse roles from 9. - Speaker B lies and speaker A complains


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