Topic 125 Your Turn to Give Some Advice (1) - Study/Work Overseas? 10 September 2021

1. You go to your home country for a visit*. Some friends & relatives want to know if studying and/or working overseas is a good idea. What is your general advice to them? Why? [* .. or, if you like, advise someone in Australia who is thinking of studying overseas].

2. How would you advise somebody about choosing a school/college/university in Australia? What should they look for? What should they avoid? How can they be accepted for enrolment?

3. Advise someone what the cost of living is like in Australia. What is cheap? What is expensive? How can you save money?

4. Advise someone about finding a job in Australia (especially Adelaide). What about unskilled work? What about skilled work? What is the minimum wage? What is wage theft and what can you do about it?

5. Advise someone about how to get qualifications accepted in Australia.

6. What are the social and language barriers to getting work in Australia?

7. Explain how easy or hard it is to understand native English speakers, bosses, lecturers etc. How can you get help with this?

8. Advise a friend in your home country how safe (or dangerous) it is in Australia. Can you trust the police? How does the law work differently from your home country? How easy is it to get help & treatment if you become ill or have an accident?

9. Explain to your friend that Australia has over 300 cultural/ethnic groups. How well do these groups mix? Do people only make friends (or even marry) within their own ethnic group, or do they choose freely? How common are 'ethnic ghettoes'?

10. Explain to your friend what you think 'Australian culture' actually is. Do Australians have a strong sense of national identity? If so, what are some ways they show this identity? How is Australian cultural & political identity different from what you find in your home country?


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