Topic 122 Fortune Favours the Brave 30 July 2021

1. "Fortune favours the brave" [idiom] - This means that brave people are more lucky. What do you think about this idea? [Another similar idiom: "Who dares wins"]

2. When do you think it is smart to run away? Think of some examples.

3. Most people are very bad at judging risk. What do yo have to think about when you take these risks? a) Covid vaccination; b) getting married; c) moving to another country; d) riding a motor bike

4. What is a hero? Is it easier to be a hero when you are 19, or when you are 35 with a family and a career?

5. What kind of business would you like to start? What knowledge do you need first?
20% of Australian businesses fail in their first year and around 60% will fail within their first three years. A "startup" is a new TYPE of business. 90% of startups fail.

6. What do you think is the best way to succeed as a worker in a big company? Give some examples. What do you do when you think the manager(s) is/are wrong?

7. "Courage is grace under pressure" [idiom] - this means that staying competent, calm, kind, and wise in difficult or dangerous situations is the real meaning of courage. Do you agree? When is it difficult to have courage in this way? Give some examples.

8. a) What is the bravest thing you have done? b) When did you decide to run away from a situation? Why?

9. Some people really are more lucky than others. What do you think are some reasons for this luck? Do you think supernatural forces (spirits, gods etc) have some influence on luck?

10 Has your life been lucky? How? How do you plan to live a lucky life from now on?


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