Topic 121 What Do You Buy?

16 July 2021

1. Compare your weekly grocery shopping list with your conversation partner. What is different? Why?

2. What are some things you can buy in your home country which you can't buy in Australia?

3. When you came to Australia, what things did you think you had to buy first? Why were they important

4. What big expenses do you expect to pay for in the future? How much will they cost?

5. There is an English idiom, "You get what you pay for". That is, some people think if you buy the most expensive things, then you will get better quality and the product will last longer. Is this actually true? Examples? Some people prefer to buy the cheapest. Is this wise?

6. How much of your income do you spend on a) rent and utilities; b) food and drink; c) transport; d) health; e) entertainment and eating out; f) other expenses? Are you satisfied with this balance? How would you like to change it?

7. What are the advantages of buying online? What are the disadvantages of buying online?

8. Some people are happy to spend more money than they have, using credit cards. Some people budget carefully. What about you? Are you comfortable with debt?

9. Some people are naturally frugal. A frugal person doesn't waste anything, and lives with minimal expenses. Who is a frugal person you know? Who is someone you know who lives extravagantly (the opposite of frugal)? What is the best choice for you?

10. There is an English expression, "buyer's regret". This means that you regret buying something after you get it home (e.g. maybe the salesman was too clever ^_^, or the product was junk ) . Think of an example of buyer's regret. Find out what "a cooling off period" means in some contracts.


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