Topic 118 What is a friend? What is an enemy? Do you need either?

4 June 2021

1. What are some different kinds of friends you can think of? Which ones are necessary? Which ones are hoped for?

2. English makes a difference between 'friend' and 'acquaintance". How are they different? How many acquaintances do you have?

3. Are social media friends (e.g. on Facebook) really friends? How many of your social media 'friends' are really friends?

4. There is a new English word, 'frenemy". (It is often used in politics). A frenemy of a country or person is one who has to be a "friend" for the moment, but may damage you in the future. Can you think of some examples?

5. Many Australians (especially men) have a good collection of "casual friends" but actually have no close friends. There is close friend they can turn to in a time of need. Why do you think there is this problem? What is the situation in your home country?

6. What are some problems which friends can create for you?

7. What duties do you have to your friends, and what do you expect from them?

8. In your mind, what is the difference between a boyfriend/girlfriend and just a 'friend'?

9. Can you be good friends with somebody who is a) a different gender, or b) a very different age. Why/why not?

10. What are some of the reasons that people stop being friends? What is your experience of this process?

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