Topic 116 When People Don't Understand You

7 May 2021

1. How often do people really not understand you? What do you do about that?

2. What are some different ways that people might not understand you when you speak English? How has this changed as you became better at the language?

3. What are some ways people might not understand you because of cultural differences? What do you do about that?

4. At some time, everybody thinks, "Nobody understands me". It is true. Why can nobody anywhere understand you 100%? How do you manage this?

5. Sometimes it is best if your real thinking is not understood by other people. What are some examples of this situation?

6. Who has the most trouble understanding your English? Native English speakers? Speakers of other languages? Certain personality types? What can you do about this problem?

7. Can you tell a story about a situation when somebody did not understand you? Was it dangerous? Funny? Upsetting? Awkward?

8. How much does someone need to understand you before they a) become your friend; b) become your lover; c) marry you; d) give you a job?

9. What do you not understand about Australians and Australia?

10. What are some things you don't understand about 'big' topics? For example, climate change, war, medicine, big data, the economy etc

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