Topic 114 The Best Teaching and Learning  9 April 2021

1. What was the best learning experience you ever had? [Maybe, or maybe not from a teacher or school. Maybe or maybe not language learning]

2. Who is the teacher you remember best in your life? Why do you remember them?

3. Think of something you want to learn in the future. What would be the best way to learn it?

4. In your opinion, what way of learning English (or another language) works best? Why?

5. What have you learned from the Internet and other media? What is good and bad about learning from the Internet?

6. As a teacher, Thor often found that asking students to teach HIM something also helped with teaching THEM something. Why do you think this method was successful?

7. Here is an idiom: 'When you stop learning, you start to die". What is your opinion about this idiom? Does it make sense in your life?

8. What are the hardest things for you to learn, and what are the easiest? Why do you think it is this way for you?

9. What other jobs really need teaching skills? For example, should doctors be good teachers? What about policemen? How should you teach new employees in a company?

10. What is the best way to teach children? Can you think of examples?

114 -  The Best Teaching and Learning ©Thor May 2021