Topic 112 Health, Exercise & Diet
12 March 2021

1. What foods do you think should be in a balanced diet? Your body needs a certain combination of chemicals (foods) to work well over time. A good combination is called 'a balanced diet'.

2. What foods and drinks are probably bad for you a) in Australia; b) in your home country?

3. Do you think that some traditional national diets are more healthy or less healthy than others? Examples? What are reasons for you beliefs about superior or inferior national diet?

4. What are some good points and bad points about the Australian medical system (doctors, hospitals etc)?

5. As you get older, do you need more exercise or less exercise? Why?

6. A big proportion of younger people are very careless about what they eat and drink, and lazy about exercise. For a few years, their bodies tolerate this abuse. By middle age they begin to get chronic illnesses and take a lot of medicine. Can this pattern be changed for most people? What about yourself?

7. What do you think is the best kind of exercise? Why?

8. A very high proportion of people suffer from mental problems at some time. There are many kinds of mental problems, and many reasons for them. The "solution" used my most patients and doctors is drugs. Are drugs a good solution? What are alternatives? For example, there is much evidence that the best cure for many kinds of depression is strong, regular exercise. But strong, regular exercise is avoided by most patients and doctors. Why?

9. What kind of exercise do you prefer? How many minutes a day do you do? How would you like to change your exercise pattern.

10. What is the muscle balance in your body like? For example, is one side of your body stronger than another? How can you improve muscle balance? (For example, a hip has 17 muscles around it, all pulling in different directions. If one muscle becomes weak, or over-strong, it puts a stress on all the other muscles, and this causes pain. Your whole body is like this ... )

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