Topic 111 Ceremonies and Celebrations
26 February 2021

1. What ceremonies and celebrations do you like or dislike? Why?

2. Try to explain what makes a ceremony a 'ceremony'. That is, how is a ceremony different to everyday living?

3. In most parts of the world, different celebrations have changed in the last hundred years. What are some ways they have changed?

4. What is the ceremony or celebration which you remember the best? Why was it memorable for you?

5. Australia is now multicultural. It has ceremonies and celebrations for many different ethnic groups. Do you take part in any of these events? Why or why not?

6. What do you think about marriage ceremonies? Have you been to many? (In Australia <50% of people are married; 10% live as unmarried couples (cohabit) and 40% are single).

7. Have you been to a graduation ceremony? What were your impressions? (I didn't even go to my own doctoral graduation, but maybe for most people these ceremonies are personally important).

8. For Western New Year, it is traditional to make a new year resolution. This is a promise to yourself to do something or change a habit - e.g. stop smoking; do more exercise .. etc. Have you ever made a new year resolution? What might you promise yourself?

9. Many countries have some kind of big street parade at least once a year. For example thousands of people come to watch the Adelaide Christmas Parade. In some countries now most people just watch the parades on TV. What are some reasons to have a parade? Which kind of parade do you think is the best?

10. Ceremonies and celebrations are a central part of most religions. Why do you think this is true?

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