Topic 110 Buying and Selling 12 February 2021

[We had this topic in November, but the meetup was canceled]

<> Take turns with your conversation partner to be a buyer and seller.
<> Remember, the buyer should ask MANY questions.

1. Imagine you have a house or apartment to sell. Your conversation partner is interested. [It doesn't have to be in Australia]

2. You are selling hats or bicycle parts at Adelaide Fisherman's Wharf Trash & Treasure Market. So sell a hat or a bike part to a customer. [This market occurs every Sunday in Port Adelaide.]

3. You need to 'sell yourself' in a job interview. Give a two minute presentation to explain how you can add value to to this employer's business. [Think carefully about what a particular employing company needs]. After that, let the interviewer ask you some questions.

4. You are in a shop to look at smart phones. What will you ask sellers? What will they reply?

5. Before you come to Australia, you are thinking of enrolling in an Australian university or TAFE. What do you ask the education agent? What will they reply? What evidence will you need? (Be careful. An embassy officer once told me that 80% of the student diplomas they see in Shanghai are fake).

6. You own an old second hand car. You want to sell it. Make up a conversation between you and someone who comes to look at the car.

7. You want to divorce your husband or wife. You are in a family court. What questions will the judge ask you? What will you reply?

8. Imagine you are a foreigner and want to marry an Australian citizen. You will need a spouse visa. The embassy officer is very suspicious. (There are many scams, and this visa takes several years to get). What questions will the embassy officer ask? What will you reply? What evidence will you need to bring?

9. You are in a restaurant which sells ethnic food. You have never tried any of this food before. Make up a conversation between you and the waiter.

10. You are a political candidate in a local government election. Make up a conversation with a voter, trying to make yourself and your party look good.

110 - Buying and Selling ©Thor May 2021