Topic 109 What do you notice? What don't you care about? 29 January 2021

1. When you come to a new place (e.g. a country, a city) what are some things you notice? [Different people notice different things]. Think of examples.

2. When you meet someone for the first time, what do you usually notice? What don't you care about? Why?

3. If you bought a new car, what would you notice? What wouldn't you care about?

4. Try describing everything you can REMEMBER SEEING in the entrance area to this building. (Don't look now!)

5. What are some things that you can REMEMBER HEARING, a) inside your house; b) outside. Can you describe the sounds?

6. For most people, the biggest part of MEANING they understand and remember is HOW another person says something, not WHAT they say. How about yourself? Do you mostly listen to the HOW they speak or WHAT they say?

7. If you think somebody might be lying to you, what do you notice about their speech and body movements?

8. English has many different accents. What are some accents you have noticed? Can you mimic any accents? Here are some examples of English accents: - mostly speaking English as a second language.

9. The weather changes very often in Adelaide. What do you notice about the sky, clouds or wind when a change might be coming. Have you noticed what happens when the seasons change? Have you noticed that ants are sensitive to weather changes?

10. The people in shopping malls and on the streets are a bit different in different Adelaide suburbs. What differences have you noticed?

11. If you are getting a cold, or other virus, or other problems, what changes do you notice in your body?

109 -  What do you notice? What don't you care about?  ©Thor May 2021