Topic 108 Are You "The Last of the Big Spenders?" 11 January 2021

Note : "The last of the big spenders" is an idiom to describe a guy who spends a lot on appearances, expensive dinners, his girlfriend, and so on ... It is often used sarcastically about someone who does NOT like to spend money.

1. Do you enjoy spending money? What do you prefer to spend money on?

2. How much "disposable income" would you LIKE to have? [Disposable income is what you have left after paying for essentials like food, rent. transport etc.]

3. What kind of food do you buy to eat at home? Give examples. What is cheap and what is expensive?

4. Some people think they get the best value for money in the long run by buying more expensive things. Do you agree with this? Why or why not?

5. How much are you prepared to spend on a car? Would you buy a new one? [A new car on average loses 40% of its value in the first three years]. What do you look for when you are buying a car? [[Disclosure: 4 years ago Thor bought a 1999 Mazda for $2100. It only had 87,000 km on the odometer. No status, but a bargain. Thor is not the last of the big spenders]].

6. Imagine that you rent an empty apartment. You can buy expensive furniture, or you can get very cheap second hand furniture from a charity shop ... or you can buy economical type furniture. What would you choose? Why?

7. How much do you spend on personal care expenses? For example, how much will you pay for a haircut? [[Disclosure: The last time Thor had his hair cut, it cost $1.50. That was in 1966. Thor is not the last of the big spenders].

8. How are these sets of words different from each other ? - slim/thin/skinny; curvy/plump/fat; frugal/careful/tight (with money)/mean; generous (with money) / easy (with money) / impulsive spender / spendthrift

9. OK, you are going to have 'a big night out' in a fancy restaurant to celebrate something. What will you order? What will it cost?

10. What are some problems which happen in countries with high income inequality?] (High income inequality is when some people have a lot of money, but most people have much, much less]

108 -  Are You "The Last of the Big Spenders?"  ©Thor May 2020