Topic 107 - Memories of 2020, Hopes for 2021   11 December 2020

1. What are a couple of your strongest memories of 2020?

2. If you were a historian describing events in 2020, what would you mention? [Practice English past tense to explain what happened]

3. Try using this phrase in a couple of sentences : "If I had known (that) ...... I would have ......"

4. What are some good things that happened to you in 2020?

5. So what is your big hope for 2021? [Try to tell a little story, not just a sentence]

6. Imagine you are betting with money. Which company or business would you bet your money on? Why? What business(es) do you think might go bankrupt?

7. Do you plan to get a Covid-19 anti-virus vaccination in 2021? Why or why not?

8. Hollywood is sure to make some films about 2021 disasters. Suggest the name for such a film. What will the plot in the film be?

9. In 2020, after being trapped in city houses during the pandemic, a lot of people are planning to move to country towns. What are some good and some bad things about living in country towns, in your opinion?

10. In 2021, what kinds of jobs have (almost) disappeared? What kinds of jobs have been in demand? Have your own plans altered because of what happened to jobs?

107 - Memories of 2020, Hopes for 2021  ©Thor May 2020