Topic 104  What Drives You, Really?  30 October 2020

1. Arrange these things in order of importance - [love] [friendship] [respect] [money] [career] [having children] [hobby] [sport] [music] [health] [travel] [education] [freedom] [an interesting life] [.. something else ..]

2. Imagine you on a train going to nowhere. Along the way there are different magic stations. If you stop at a station, get off and walk outside, you will be in a different world as a different person. What are some magic stations where you might like to get off the train?

3. Do you feel that there are certain things you have to do or achieve in your lifetime? Why? What are they?

4. Some things take a long time to succeed at - for example, learning a language. How is the motivation of people who learn English different from the motivation of native English speakers? Native English speaker almost always fail to learn other languages.

5. Do you study to get a diploma for a job, or because the subject is interesting? How are these two motivations different? Is career motivation stronger than interest motivation or the other way? [Note: the career of most people is finished by 50. That's not long]

6. Some people seem to have very little motivation beyond a need to eat, sleep, have sex, and feel safe. Why do you think that is?

7. What would drive you to leave a job, a marriage, a country .... ?

8. What do you think drives different kinds of criminals, and also killers? [For example, in Australia one woman a week is murdered by her former or present partner. In some countries is it is much more]

9. What is your opinion about this idea ? - How can democracy work when in every country there are millions of people driven by different wishes, needs, and values?

10. What is your own strongest motivation? Why?

104 What Drives You, Really?   ©Thor May 2020