Topic 102 - Life Hacks (Short cuts for easier living) 2 October 2020

[* 'Hack' is an old word with a new meaning. In computing, to hack is to break the security system. That is usually bad. However, now a 'life hack' means a shorter, easier, better way of doing something in your life]

[*** => three stars means I have taken these tips from a website called "Lifehack" at ]

1. When you were growing up, you probably did things in the same way as your parents did them. Can you think of some better ways of doing things you discovered later in life? [e.g. Nowadays I never do 'washing up' after dinner. I hated washing up as a kid. Now I rinse everything immediately I use it. That only takes a few seconds].

2. Shaving life hack: Razor blades (for me) used to become blunt quickly. Now I quickly do a rough shave with an electric razor, THEN use a razor blade. Now one blade will last me for months. Have you invented any 'body care' life hacks?

3. How do you remember a text book for an exam? This is my life hack: I make A GOOD QUESTION (not a stupid, simple question) FOR EACH PARAGRAPH. In the exam I find it easy to remember the questions I invented. These questions help me to remember the text book. [note: using somebody else's questions is not successful because your own brain hasn't done any work].

4. *** When you pick up your case at an airport, maybe many other cases look the same. How can you make your case easy to recognize quickly?

5: *** Photo life hack: Squint your eyes when you smile for a photograph. This will make your smile look more genuine. [Do you agree with this?]

6. *** How many uses can you think of for a) a pants hanger? [A pants hanger has two clips] and b) a rubber band?

7. *** A quick phone loud speaker: Cut a slot in an empty toilet roll. Slip your phone into the slot. [Why do you think this works?]

8. *** Use nail polish to colour your different keys. [What else could you use nail polish for?]

9. *** Take pictures of people with the things you have lent them to help your memory. [Do you lend things to friends, students etc?]

10. *** Rub stuck zips with a pencil tip (= graphite) to fix them. [Can you think of some other clothing hacks?]



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