Time Passing -- A Miscellany of Poems; ŠThor May 2002  index


.. the matrimonial progress of old friends ..



Dazzle, youth and beauty
Have done their dash;
Once long ago in another time and place
We had a passing thing, well
So I say..

It's just a silly memory, a hoped for truth
To rescue some invented self respect -
Let's face it Dagwood,
You were sweeping chicken shit
When romance hovered on the breathless night.

Hey, who had this dumb idea to start with, huh?
Love's made for cockroaches, glamour girls and kings;
The other blobs belong in nowheresville -
That's here you fool - just you and me and dreams;
Now pass the bottle and count your lucky stars.

Nah, that's a downer too. God,
Look at you, the waddling centerpiece
Of things best left unsaid;
Our dalliance, just an accident of fate, is blessed
To have no children at its wake.




Thor, 2004