Time Passing -- A Miscellany of Poems; ŠThor May 1996     index




Welcome traveller, to my hearth

Where you may stay awhile and find

What you may find.

May I bring you peace, as you bring light.


A small gift I ask, a vision,

A moment of your forever, while you pause;

For the walls of my dwelling are shadows

And though you rest upon the certainty of my flesh

In the void of time my heart is adrift.


So tell me traveller, what you see here

Where I cannot see at all.

A mist? A gulf of flame? A meadow?

A working man? A king? A prophet?

What is my quest? Who is my guide and companion?

Am I cocooned in an eddy of four dimensions

Or riding cowboy on an avalanche of stars?


For only a moment traveller, you are real,

And so I ask,

While God forgets to draw his hand

Like a veil, across your face.


Thor, 1988