Time Passing -- A Miscellany of Poems; ┬ęThor May 2008      index


The Cool Generation

Though light came after darkness
And life came after pain,
We never knew the making
Nor felt the weight of years.

We were born in high rise boxes
And warmed in coddled air,
All information found us,
We have never fought to know.

Our certainties are gift wrapped
And sealed at the school room door,
No questions will torment us
If we die in someone's war.

We expect the replay button
Will cancel all bad dreams,
And bring the music thumping
For a party without tears.

Hey! What the fuck was that?
Jack, some witch is at the door.
Hey! She spat me in the eye ..
What'dya mean you bitch It's Monday?

What'dya mean We have to pay
For the pizzas and the parties,
What'dya mean The cops are coming
And the Earth will bleach our bones?

What'dya mean?


Thor, 2013