Time Passing -- A Miscellany of Poems; ┬ęThor May 2008      index


The 541st Facebook Friend


Ambushed again, faked, photoshopped

False friend or true? We met once

Surfing past, a finger click away

Or so you say, and poised now

For assassination, a cold delete?


To be or not to be, the moving cursor asks;

Am I to let your promiscuous affection

Claim my avatar, encode a ghost

A faithless mist of electrons, my pixelated ID,

Dangle in the dragnet of your 541st delusion?


So, Master of the 541st, did you fear our journey

Across the misty mountains of old times?

How is the dust on your feet? Remember

The salty sweat in our eyes, and the song our lips

When the world was made of earth and sky?


Thor, 2013