Stumpy and the Decision Tree         by Thorold May 

      page five

Prophets, messiahs, gods in drag, were all done;
Stumpy fished for a title, but the rules had changed -
Any brat with a butane lighter had the juice
To pull a burning bush stunt, call down the Voice from his crystal high;
Talking in tongues? Nah, spin doctors rampant, Hollywood trained
Had that game tied up, with double signed contracts guaranteed to confuse
Men or the Devil - the devil in men had run free
So wizards, crystal balls, hot gospellers, witch doctors, entrpreneurs
Vaporware, your brand or mine, a patent was pending on all.

Ah what did it matter, who dares wins
And Stumpy had his eye on the game,
So when a gawky kid from Winhope City
Lobbed in for petrol, driving this purple hoon van
That had enough aerials to eavesdrop on World War III,
Stumpy shouted him a milkshake
And wondered aloud what was hot on CB right now
For the truckies and road-rats down Peace Highway.

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"Stumpy and the Decision Tree" copyrighted to Thorold May 2002; all rights reserved