Stumpy and the Decision Tree          by Thorold May

      page four

Well a fact is a fact if it's brewed in a brain
With a wildwood wand that put gremlins in fear,
So Stumpy knew there was no way back,
That life had a mission, or at least a track
Where a quid could be made, if not a soul saved
For only a fool wastes a chance,
And something special had drifted his way
Though Ydgrasil seemed a strange dream.

The trick was though, how the hell could a man
Patch Thomo' Burke and the flipperty girl
And the down at heel crowd from Bungalamoo
Into something as flaky as a bolt from the blue
That belonged to an age when gods frolicked
With beasts, and trees sank their roots to a well
Of widsom so vieled that Odin had cast it his eye
In return for a jingle or two cut in stone,
Now valued at less than junk mail.


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"Stumpy and the Decision Tree" copyrighted to Thorold May 2002; all rights reserved