Stumpy and the Decision Tree  by Thorold May

                   page thirty-eight

Megan recoilded as if stung by a wasp
And spun on her heel from cold fear, but the strands of the web
Are both subtle and strong once their tendrils entwine with a mind,
So Megan was caught on the cusp of her doubt, like a firefly swept in the draught
And nothing she did would free her once more
From Stumpy and Prawn and the Sisters of Fate
Who weave with blind fingers our doom.

Father, she whispered, the blood in our veins
Has confused and benighted the way, so we ask
For your blessing to guide us again, as a child needs your hand in the dark;
Then shaking herself as if from a dream, Megan snapped
So it's coffee they want for the heroes who battle on video fields...
I'll be back.... Stumpy looked at his partner and shrugged.
You heard the Maid pray, now bring her bouquet to the gods.

 .. to be continued

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"Stumpy and the Decision Tree" copyrighted to Thorold May 2002; all rights reserved