Stumpy and the Decision Tree  by Thorold May

                   page thirty-seven

Stumpy lowered his chin to his chest, and wondered once again
Where the punk from nowheresville had learned his lines.
But things were firming up, they had a key,
If only they could hold this whispy window on the other side of night.
What was it caught and held that cyborg elf?
A tone perhaps, so unlike its own,
Which grew from Megan's heart, but died in Prawn's cool calculus...

Forgetting for a moment how the flipperty girl
Had a thing about hands, Stumpy placed his gnarled paws on her arms
And gently engaged her swift gaze.
Meg don't you see, you're the link and the bond between worlds,
For the numbers that spin in Prawn's mind are a takeaway snack
To that binary creep on the screen, but the truth on your lips
Is a mystery so deep that it dare not defy or demean.


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"Stumpy and the Decision Tree" copyrighted to Thorold May 2002; all rights reserved