Stumpy and the Decision Tree         by Thorold May
                   page thirty-three
Huh! Bloody amateurs! By root of tree, begone! The voice was tinny.
Oh no you don't! growled Stumpy. By bough and twig you'll stay!
Type that Prawn, real quick! A strangled grunt came back.
How dare you hold me by the ear! You'll hang for this
Or I'm Wey Freyban's dog … Stranger, state your name!
The Electric Warrior's fingers hung a moment in the air;
Well age wins, he grinned, and spelled … Stumpy of Bangalamoo.

Uh, well, you're on a list I think. A grumble crackled dully,
Had it somewhere here … darn pockets, lemme see, oh yeah.
Classification H-7P. You are to report immediately,
World Sector 12, Sub-Controller for Minorities.
Please signal receipt of this message. NOW.
Minority flippin' milkshakes, snarled Stumpy.
Prawn, have you called up a reject cut from Star Trek?


.. to be continued

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"Stumpy and the Decision Tree" copyrighted to Thorold May 2002; all rights reserved