Stumpy and the Decision Tree       by Thorold May
                    page twenty-six
His body shape had been diffuse, his presence undefined,
But Stumpy shuddered with a sudden draught of life.
Poised like a taipan, his quarry now in sight,
He struck. You mean to say you've followed me for months?
You've tracked me, Prawn, to hell and back
And planned to do me in? What's friendship then,
What price upon my head?

The master gunner shrank, then stood to go.
Is this the thanks I get man
For putting you in business, "Stumpy's Internet" on-line?
Prawn I may be, tiddler's bait I'm not.
There are suits in town who'll pay a stolen ransom
To have The Electric Warrior shooting on their side.
So Mr Stumpy of Bangalamoo, I'm off. Have fun.

…to be continued

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"Stumpy and the Decision Tree" copyrighted to Thorold May 2002; all rights reserved