Stumpy and the Decision Tree          by Thorold May
                     page twenty-four
Rats, his brain is made of caste iron hoops;
You couldn't break him with a five ton press,
The Warrior replied, a trifle pale. I'll try to lift him
With a cattle prod ... You lout! she hissed, get out of here,
Get help from in the town. He smiled, still wan but sure
And threw a switch to bring that other world online
Where answers live, and hide from all but gifted eyes.

A shadow passed across his absent stare
When Stumpy saw the screen had sprung to life;
Immobile still, he registered the gunner's rapid play.
With a sidelong glance Prawn pursed his lips and winked;
By crikey Stumpy, you've been traveling wide.
Who put you onto sites as warped as these?
And here we thought you only paddled in the tidal pools by day ..


…to be continued

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"Stumpy and the Decision Tree" copyrighted to Thorold May 2002; all rights reserved