Stumpy and the Decision Tree      by Thorold May

      page two

He felt it was weird on the edge of insane
That the wrench in his hand was a wand of wild wood
And the gremlins had fled, and the engine purred
While Stumpy stood still in the void,
His mind in the grip of an ancient call that somehow he knew
Sprang from Ydgrasil, once told as the Tree of Fate,
So even if this was Bangalamoo Village,
The gods had found him at last.

You'll see men on a box in many a park
Who've repented their sins with a hand on their heart
And a cry that some Lord has shown them the light ..
But that wasn't Stumpy, a crafty old crow
Who circled with caution the power now revealed,
Soon finding again that a wrench was a wrench
And a bump on the head came with pain.
Then he muttered a curse, yet once more felt a shaft,
A warning it seemed, best not spurned.


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"Stumpy and the Decision Tree" copyrighted to Thorold May 2002; all rights reserved