Stumpy and the Decision Tree         by Thorold May
                     page sixteen
Well I'm Jacobs, he said, extending a hand,
Jumper to my friends, mighty pleased to know you, um ..
Pleasure's mine, I'm Stumpy to the local push,
It's on the roof, you'll see, a tinny sort of fame.
They laughed at that, and sipped the strong black tea.
Been in a hurry then? Just passing through?
What's your racket Jumper? Ah, never mind, I'm nosey eh ..

No sweat Stumpy, smiled the other man, you're right;
Nice little spot, Bungalamoo, pretty beaches eh,
But yeah, I'm shooting through;
Wanted in the big smoke pretty quick, to roll a buck or two.
Then his eyes shifted over past the potted plants
To a screensaver weaving its thoughts
In golden traces on a darkened glass, and Jumper started
As if some alien beam had whipped his sight.

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"Stumpy and the Decision Tree" copyrighted to Thorold May 2000; all rights reserved