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Hello, my name is Rebecca. I'm twenty years old, and live in Wuhan, a big city in central China. My work is in the city, in a computer service company, but I have lots of other interests. Thor is one of my friends, so I'm trying to teach him a something about China. He's stubborn, but he is slowly understanding a few things. He asked to put some of my notes on his web page. Thor has fixed my English a bit, but this is what I want to say. China is an old, thick book which speaks endlessly. I hope I can be your guide too, to understand her.

Wuhan, China

Table of Contents
Note: items appear in date order of writing from November 1999 to September 2000

...Introduction to Thor's China Diary / 1. The Road to HuanQuan Lu / 2. Does Colour Matter in China? /  3. Pusongling story: The Scholar & The Ghost Maiden / 4.  My kind of Music / 5. My Working Life - Rebecca /  6. My Hometown, Wuhan /  7. What is a Friend? /  8. Leaving Old Habits & the Family Nest / 9. Life, The Universe & Everything / 10.  Parents' Love / 11. Rebecca Changes Jobs / 12.  The Generation Gap / 13. Holiday in Hangzhou and Suzhou / 14. That's Life /  15. The Best Laid Plans Are Apt To Go Astray /

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