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 They know me well in the East Gate fruit and vegetable market. It's a long, narrow building with high ceilings and two aisles. The light is dim, the floor is often slippery with a mix of water and squashed cabbage leaves, and the stalls crowd so closely that shoppers have to jostle like passengers on a crowded bus. The market ladies quote prices with finger gestures as I browse, and cackle sharp comments in Wuhanese that float blissfully past my uncomprehending ear, making the passers-by smile.

Last night I bought some apples -- I eat two a day, so chomp through great quantities. Stall holders have not been slow to pick up on this. I had done my usual thing of asking the price in half a dozen stalls, and finally taken one offer because they scarcely varied. The apples, when I began to select them, were pretty clearly seconds. I had to choose carefully. Suddenly there was a torrent of Wuhanese, and a lady in bright yellow whom I vaguely recalled as one of the passed over stall holders was giving me a dressing down. The pantomime, as I decoded it, was that her apples were as cheap as these ones, and definitely of much better quality. The boy I was buying from grinned like the cat who got the cream, and a small collection of nearby sellers quickly gathered, roaring with laughter. My seller, when he gave the change, had the grace to add an extra one yuan discount, still grinning.

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