Languages Links

This is a current list (2012) of sites related to the study of languages in general, and of particular languages. It is a straight, unedited paste from my Firefox bookmarks.


Languages - multiple & general


Language Labs

CAN-8 VirtuaLab - Digital Language Lab Solution for all your training needs
The 'Virtual Language Lab' Virtually Painless, Simply Real | IALLT
CaLabo Digital Recorder
How to do model imitation recording exercises to improve language learner pronunciation in the LRC and beyond « Thomas' Work Space
Virtual Language Laboratory
ANVILL | National Virtual Language Lab
Virtual Language Lab from I love Chinese for iPad on the iTunes App Store
FREE Virtual Language Lab LITE - from I love Chinese for iPhone -

Language Coach Expression Drill and Tutor Software - Screenshots

Speech Recognition

Accent reduction
Foreign language accent reduction
Speech comparison technology
English Learning Software Reviews - iSoftwareReviews
Skynet | Computer Aided Second Language Learning
Learn Languages Online with
Best Voice Recognition Language Learning Programs . Compare, reviews & ratings.
Voice to text – Digital recorder speech recognition experiment
SRI Speech: Products: Software Development Kits: EduSpeak
Language Learning with Speech Recognition Product Comparison

Text to Speech

Text To Speech, TTS: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, German, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese
Online text to speech program. Best text to voice program online

book2 Audio Trainer - Learn 40 Languages Online for Free - English Spanish French Chinese German Italian Russian Dutch Portuguese ...
Free Foreign Language Lessons | Open Culture
Gradint, a program for self-study of foreign languages
Language Learning with Free Podcasts
List of free, legal audiobooks sites (Language Programs, Books & Tapes) Language Learning Forum
LRC (file format) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
MP3 – Learn Spanish, French and Chinese Today
MP3 Language learning
Video Trainear | Main
Voxopop - a voice based eLearning tool


Alltop - Top Linguistics News
Thomas' Work Space - Home page
the language feed » 2009» October
As English Spreads, Indonesians Fear for Their Language | Aspiring Polyglot
Listening-Reading system (Learning Techniques, Methods & Strategies) Language Learning Forum
Learn Any Language
Language Geek · Language Geek Site Updates
“I kinda like languages” blog
Living Language Blog about Foreign Languages Worldwide
About Antonio Graceffo - Adventure Writer - Motivational Speaker

Bot Language

Translation bots - Google Talk Help
GoogleTalkBot - Learn Foreign language easiest way


UVic's Language Teaching Clipart Library

Code Switching

Bilingual conversations

Course Creation

Crossword Puzzle Software - Tea Sign
User listed crossword puzzles
Quandary Home Page
Hot Potatoes Home Page
Gradint, a program for self-study of foreign languages
TexToys - Authoring tool for Rhubarb and Sequitur language learning exercises
Google Street View for Language Learning

Dictionary builder
The Kids Open Dictionary Builder
Automatic PowerPoint presentations from your vocab list! - K12 Open Ed

Dual Language

Compare: Rapunzel (ENGLISH) - Rapunzel (DEUTSCH)
Dual languages | Bookstart
Learning to read with dual language books
Bilingual and Dual-Language Book Editors (Language Bookstores) Language Learning Forum
Parallel Texts
Study Pubs - Foreign Language Learning — Are you learning the Russian language? ~ Book Giveaway!


English Module 4.1: Computer Aided Assessment


Flash card apps: All 145 apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Android Cards
Flash cards for 汉语教程 (Hanyu Jiaocheng) -
Study flashcards online or mobile. The flashcard software. CoboCards
Study flashcards online or mobile. The flashcard software. CoboCards
65 Open Source Apps That Replace Popular Education Software: Page 2 - Datamation
Quizard Flashcards for Android |
Generals of Language
Multiple Choice Quiz Mobile App - AppCobra
Mnemododo | AppBrain Android Market
Documentation « Flashcards ToGo
App Store - Flashcard Machine
Learning on the Go: Great Flash Card Apps
Hanwang IME for Android for Android |


10 fantastic iPhone apps for your China life ~ Lost Laowai China Blog
Flashcards Deluxe - Feedback
Card downloads - KidLogger For Android freeware download - Best Freeware Download
Flashcards Deluxe
Flashcard Fu - Flashcards for the iPhone
Tools > Top 10+ eFlashcards Authoring Tools for Mobile Devices (iPod, iPhone, Android)
Study flashcards online or mobile. The flashcard software. CoboCards

EHOVEWire: 8 Great Flashcard Websites
Study flashcards online or mobile. The flashcard software. CoboCards
Flashcard Exchange--The World's Largest Flashcard Database
How Flashcards Put You at a Disadvantage in Language Learning, and ...
Korean Flashcards - Learn Korean Language Online
New teaching software: language teaching
On flash cards, spaced repetition and sentence mining - The Linguist On Language - Having Fun Learning Languages
Studying Foreign Languages – Debunking the Flash Card Myth ...

Game learning

Lockout For iPhone: Just The Right Combination
Mandarin Madness
Digital Dialects language learning games
Crossword Puzzle Software - Tea Sign
Crossword puzzle maker
User listed crossword puzzles
gromiko01.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object)
compose_text.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object)
Learning games for learning foreing languages


Professional Translation Services | Interpreters | Intercultural Communication & Training
Interpreting - Daily News for the language industry - News for translators, News for interprete
Xiphos -- Open Source Bible Study Software 3. Interface


code mixing

example of forum with code mixing

Cognitive & spatial relativity

Cognitive linguistics: an introduction - Evans & Green


Verbal Self-Defense Newsletter sample
forensic linguistics — Weiming Liu's Home Page
Thinking Tools for the Net - Ajattelun välineitä tietoverkkoon - Automated Evaluation of Essa


Resources for Studying English Syntax Online
Functional Grammar (systemic) in the Language Classroom An Interview with James Robert Martin

Journals, Departments, Socieies

ALS Newsletters
Blog Page | Language on the Move | Language learning, multilingualism, intercultural communication
LINGLINE | Newsletter | Linguistics | Macquarie University
NCELTR - e-journals list
[Professional Journals (A Table of Contents)]
Dept. of Linguistics | Bernard Comrie
Australian Linguistic Society
canberra langfest 2011 alaa alanz als
Robert de BEAUGRANDE - Home Page Web Site
Welcome to Linguist online - Official Journal of the Institute of Linguists

Language Research

Age & acquisition

The Older Language Learner

Artificial Intelligence

code mixing

Languages in contact - D Winford
English alongside the mother tongue (Finland)
Reasons for (and against) code switching - John Pasden, Sinosplice blog


Foreign Lx failure


Educational Testing Service
ETS Criterion E-rater and C-rater_ Writing Analysis and Essay Scoring Service.
Computer Assisted Assessment
CASTLE toolkit_ Computer Centre_ University of Leicester

langspecific.pdf (application_pdf Object) News - Foreign languages - Accent on failure
About.com_ http___www.ldsmag.com_athome_040206learn.html
The Seoul Times
Automated evaluation of essays and short answers

A Philippine Leaf
Australian Linguistic Society
BotSpot ChatBots
bSpeaking in TonguesTheories on the Origins of Language-b META NAME =keywords CONTENT=human evo
Chinese Character Pronunciations
Cyc project Google Search
Dictionaries - Mealstrom Links
English Online Dictionary List at Lexicate
Free Online Language Courses
Funny locutions - English As A Second Language
German - English Dictionary
GRASP Method for Acquiring Latin
interlanguage - pragmatic transfer - online readings
Japanese Word Processor free JWPce Support Information
Karen's Linguistics Issues
KryssTal Home Page
Language and AI - programs
Languages and Linguistics
Linguist's Search Engine
Linguistics selection Library
Mandarin Chinese Language Learning Resources
New York U. Language Links
Proportional Reading- Improve Reading Immediately
pseudodictionary - the dictionary for words that wouldn't make it into dictionaries v2
RhymeZone rhyming dictionary and thesaurus
Useful Links for Linguists and Teachers_Learners of English
Writer's Toolbox - Internet Resources for Writers

LxLearning Psychology

A Pathway To Teacher Autonomy And Learner Autonomy: A study on socioaffective language learning strategies
Learn Spanish: Why Americans Don't
Forums :: Main forum :: Dealing with large databases
Foreign Language Learning Mnemonics
Your Learning Style and Language Learning
Top 5 Hardest Languages to Learn


Prosody (linguistics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Stress (linguistics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Intonation (linguistics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Isochrony - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rhythm, Timing and the Timing of Rhythm
SpringerLink - Cognitive Processing, Volume 5, Number 4
Can stress-timing and syllable-timing be perceived? | Mendeley
Stress-timed/syllable-timed language? - Yahoo! Answers
Morphophonology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Allophone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Studying Phonetics on the Net
Forvo: the pronunciation guide. All the words in the world pronounced by native speakers
lse_users | Google Groups

Types of knowledge

New dimensions in African linguistics and languages - Paul A. Kotey - Google Books

words, semantics, textual structure

Mining genres with lexical affect sensing? | The WebGenre Blog: eForum and eMagazine on e-content, webgenres, e-texts & cyberemotions
My thesis on using n-grams to automatically determine language similarity, including a simulation of language change. | LinkedIn
Google Ngram Viewer
What can we learn from 500 billion words?
Cheers for thankyou - WordReference Forums
Resources for Studying English Lexicon, Semantics, and Text Structures Online
LSA @ CU Boulder
Technical vocabulary in specialised texts


Lx Exchange

Language Exchange Community - Practice and Learn Foreign Languages
Find a friend to exchange languages !
WorldFriends - Meet your neighbors in the global village
eslbase language exchange - FAQ
italki - Language Exchange and Learning Community
LinguaBrain: Language Exchange Social Network
Livemocha: Learn Languages Online - English, Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, 学会英语
SIGNAL PENPAL MAGAZINE - 750 pages, 25.000 ads, 700.000 web readers by now... YOUR AD FREE ! Pu
UniLang Community
Wiki-RIKI - Online Language Learning
WordChamp Language Learning network
mouseover translations

Market for Courses

Livemocha Revolutionizes Language Learning Market with New Social Networking Based Approach
<h1>Cost analysis for e-learning foreign languages</h1>
Welcome to Myngle - Learn Any Language Online
The Market for Foreign Language Learning |
Google Answers: Size, value and breakdown of language learning market, and the key players.

Methods, resources


FORUM GLOSSARY (General discussion) Language Learning Forum

How to ..

Language Learning Education, Plus Translation And Language Software Reviews at Bright Hub
E-Language Learning - APEC HRDWG Wiki
Learning Languages
Learning Languages in Your Pajamas, Eating Captain Crunch: The Core Novel Method | Asian Tribune
Lingoversity - learn languages with your vocabulary trainer
-Language Learning in the Real World for Non-beginners
Thoughts On Language Learning
Tick-Tack: a novel approach to language learning
Finding the Right Language Course
Main : A Language Guide
Learning Languages - Ciaran O'Riordan
A Practical Guide to Learning a Foreign Language! Help, Advice, Tips.
"10.000 sentence method" - Google Search
LingQ - The future of language learning
How to Learn (But Not Master) Any Language in 1 Hour (Plus: A Favor) - The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss
How to Learn Any Language in 3 Months
Language Learning Forum: How to get to fluency faster
Quintessential Language TM
Choosing the language you want to learn - How to learn a language
How to Learn Italian, Thai, German, Swahili, French, Korean, Portuguese...
Learning LAnguages
PC Plus - Tutorials - Learn a language on your PC
My Methods for Studying Languages
Slashdot Learning a Language in the Digital Age

Language Course Design

Pimsleur Approach
Materials for the study of less commonly taught languages

Natural Method

ALG World< Listening Method

Proprietary courses

Intensive Courses

The Education Portal
Language Schools and Language Courses
FREE language course reviews of BEST recognized language schools worldwide ** Price comparison of language school & language study online ** DISCOUNT BOOKING for language courses ** Learn English French Spanish German Italian Chinese Russian at school in Spain UK USA England Ireland Canada Australia Malta France Germany Italy.

Pimsleur - Superior Language Products at unbeatable prices - home o
Pimsleur - Why do Pimsleur™ customers rave about the amazing performance of Pimsleur™ Programs
Yahoo! Groups pimsleuraudiobooks

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone Language Software
The Rosetta Stone - learn English, learn Spanish, software to learn language from all over the

Transparent Language Inc. - Government Solutions
BBC Video | Use the BBC Website to Learn English, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, More - Free! | Free Language
BBC - Languages - Homepage
Conlang Profiles at
earworms mbt© is a revolutionary accelerated learning technique that takes the hard work out of
English products and services
Foreign language Courses, Foreign language Programs and Foreign language Cassettes
FREE language course reviews of BEST recognized language schools worldwide Price comparison of
Language Study and Immersion Websites and Resources
L-Ceps Language Learning Breakthrough - Language Learning Software. Learn Arabic, Learn Chinese (Mandarin), Learn Burmese, Learn Hindi, Learn Japanese, Learn Korean, Learn Tagalog, Learn Thai and Learn Vietnamese
Ridiculous language learning genius stories
Box of Tricks
Fluent in 3 months
Aspiring Polyglot
Online Language Courses Learn a Foreign Language with Online Lessons & Tutorials
Parlo - Welcome to Parlo - learn to speak a new language

Reading as a method

The Core Novel Method


Journal of Diplomatic Language
Languages & Linguistics of South Asia
Apptitude As An Individual Difference In Sla
Foundation For Endangered Languages. Home
Learning - Human Performance Center SPIDER website
Spaced repetition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ATALL - Autonomous technology assisted language learning - Wikibooks
LinguaLinks Library Table of Contents
SIL index of Internet linguistic resources

Resource listings

Language learning resources - products, courses, books
Language Impact's Language Learning Website
Free Online Language Courses
Foreign Language Software
Foreign Language Database
BEST Online Language Course Language course online
Linguist List - Web Resource Listings
More information about Online language resources (non-English)
The Linguist on Language Language learning
UniLang • Resources
World Language Links - U. Masachussets, Amherst
World Language Resources - Hundreds of Languages, Thousands of Products

Sentence mining

Sentences with No English Translation
About | AJATT | All Japanese All The Time
Sentence Mining


topics on shadowing here
To Ardaschir, on "Shadowing"
What is "Shadowing"?

The Lexical Approach

Principles and implications of the Lexical Approach
Implementing the Lexical Approach Putting Theory into Practice
Kavaliauskiene - Using the Lexical Approach for the Acquisition of ESP Vocabulary (I-TESL-J)
Lexical Approach to Second Language Teaching. ERIC Digest.
7.3. Motivation for the Lexical Approach
UBC English Language Institute - The Lexical Approach Getting Started
the lexical approach - Google Search
Lexical Phrase Resources
Swan reviews Lewis on the lexical approach
Serafima Gettys, Stanford University
Solange Moras - Teaching Vocabulary



Welcome to singing voice lessons! Singing lessons and voice ...
Learn To Sing With Vocal Release
Free advanced vocal techniques | Michael Goodrich Vocal | Singing ...
How to sing in tune | Sing better | Singing lessons | Voice lessons
Learn To Sing With Vocal Release
A2Z Singing and Free Voice Lesson Tips

Mognet - Japanese Translation Group
EarMaster 5.0 NEW! - Interactive Ear Training software


Online Collaborative

Learn Language Online | Learn Language from Native Speakers
Livemocha and Pearson Announce Partnership for Online Language Learning

Online Language Forum

Online Multimedia

Phrases & phrase books

All languages from
Phrasebase method - Russian
Phrasebase™ - Online Phrasebook - Foreign Language - Translations of Common Words and Phrases


Lenaia: Chinese by Picture-Stories
Using Picture Stories
Dolo Languages & Publications - Perfect Picture Stories
The Learnables!- pictures


Russian Through Real Stories
Ilya Frank and his Reading Method

Self-paced Learning


Adult Language School Sydney. Private language tutors and short courses.


CALL (computer assisted langauge learning)

Computer-assisted language learning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Language software

Comet - templates - Yale University Center for Language Study -- Comet: Course Materials and Exercise Templates
Gradint, a program for self-study of foreign languages
TexToys - Authoring tool for Rhubarb and Sequitur language learning exercises
Free foreign language learning software: Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, Turkish, Vietnamese
Quizlet (online) Flash cards, vocabulary memorization, and study games | Quizlet
Chinese Typing Tutorial 1.0
valodas - Free Language Learning Software
Freeware Keepinhead Flashcards Mobile Free at Freeware Downloads.Com - Education > Language
KolaSoft Download | Learn Foreign Languanges With Movies
Lingoversity - learn languages with your vocabulary trainer
Freeware Listing of Language at Freeware Downloads.Com - Education


Lx Lab

ReLANpro Mobile « ReLANpro Language Lab
Virtual Language Lab from I love Chinese Download for iPhone 4,4S iPod, iPad | Review of Virtual Language Lab from I love Chinese

Android App Reviews by the Experts at PCWorld | PCWorld
Anki - Android Market
AnyMemo -- Memorize Anything
AnyMemo -- Memorize Anything
chinese dictionary - Search Android Apps on AppBrain
Chinese Translator/Dictionary | AppBrain Android Market
Collins Gem Korean Dictionary - Android Market
Free Google Android 2.3 Cidian App Download in Chinese Tag
Freeware Keepinhead Flashcards Mobile Free at Freeware Downloads.Com - Education > Language
German Translator Free for Android |
korean dictionary - Android Market
Korean Translator Dictionary for Android |
Pop Quiz - Flash Cards & More - Android Market
Prime English-Korean Dict. 01.00.01 Unknown App | PCWorld
ScanDoc Document Reader Lite 2.38 Unknown App | PCWorld
Translator + Dictionary - Android Market
WikiClick Lite -puzzle game using images


일반게시판 > iPhone/iPOD Touch Zone > English Korean English Dictionary

Free foreign language learning software: Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, Turkish, Vietnamese


AB Repeat Player - Android
embed lyrics on Android and iPod
Ginkgo Audio Book Player - Android
MortPlayer Audio Books (beta) - Android
Music Folder Player Free - Android

Jourist Vocabulary Builder - iPhone application review
DTS Digital Language Training Sytem - Sinew Technology Co., Ltd. in ACE Suppliers B2B Marketplace
Using Twitter in Your Language Learning (Introduction) « Aspiring Polyglot
Welcome to Language Quest - Software, Audio, Books, Video, Translators and More!
Yudit Home Page --multi language text editor


Crowd-sourced translation - Collaborative translation tool
From Reality to Another Has 500 Authors and 12,000 Translators via New Human-Translated Social Media Platform PremiumFanPage
translation crowdsourcing - Google Search
crowdsourcing - Google Search
Crowdsourcing translation » iheni :: making the web worldwide
Collaborative Translation - Social Networking & Web 2.0/3.0 Sharing - No Costs - Creative Commons License
ruby on rails - What are your crowdsource translation management system recommendations? - Stack Overflow
Teachers benefit from crowdsourced translation | #1 Site for Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding, & Open Innovation News | Daily Crowdsource
the-art-of-community-chinese-translation - crowdsourcing the Chinese translation of The Art of Community by Jono Bacon - Google Project Hosting
Technology Review: Crowd-Sourcing the World

Free translation

Why Pay for Translation if You Can Get it for Free? | Global by Design
Free language translation online. English to Japanese, Chinese and more. Automatic translation
Global Voices News Site Online » Lingua
Working with Your Volunteer Translator
Volunteer translation - Google Search

Machine translation

AltaVista - World - Translate
Asia Online - The World Speaks One Language - Yours!
Bing Translator - Translate a webpage
Instant translation of any German, Spanish, Russian word you see on the screen. Download TranslateIt! Westlanguage version 7.5
PROMT - Free Online Translator and dictionary - English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Russian languages.
Translation - Lifehacker
Learn to Speak a Different Language with and Transparent Languages

Open translation movement

Open translation - Google Search
Open Translation Tools 2009 | Aspiration
Open Translation Tools Summit 2009 - consistency matters

Professional translation

24/7 Professional Translation Services. Instant Online Quote | Translia
Institute of Linguists Chartered status – frequently asked questions ~ ~
Korean to English Translators -
Reviews help ensure quality on crowdsourced translation site | Springwise

Translatiion methods etc

Translation Vs Natural Lx Acquisition

Language Translation Software - Ace Translator Software - Foreign Language Translating and Learning

Translation exchange

Private translation exchange by invitation only
Main menu: Translations for Progress

Translation for language learning

Machine Translation in Language Learning
Translation in Second Language Learning and Teaching - Arnd Witte, Theo Harden, Alessandra Ramos de Oliveira Harden - Google Books
Translation in language teaching and learning « Oxford University Press – English Language Teaching Global Blog @OUPELTGlobal
Teaching approaches: translation as a language learning tool | Onestopenglish
“Can translation (and translation tools) facilitate language learning and how can it be used to best effect” – a summary of eltchat 12/01/11 | Shaun Wilden
Confessions of a Language Addict: Problems of Translation in Language Learning
“Can translation (and translation tools) facilitate language learning and how can it be used to best effect” – a summary of eltchat 12/01/11 | Shaun Wilden
Translation in Second Language Learning and Teaching - Home - Peter Lang Verlagsgruppe
Parallelism between Language Learning and Translating
Caimi article

Translation software

MLEditor Introduction
Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen - Internationalization
Translate -- Download Squad

Down the memory lane of volunteer translating « Life is a journey



Movieoke - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Keith's Voice on Extreme Language Learning: breaking the silence
Movies Grow English, Short-Sequence Lessons for ESL & EFL
Video Trainear | Main
Where to download Chinese subtitles for movies | Learn Chinese Blog | Learn to speak Chinese

Virtual reality Lx learning


Digital Gaming Teaching And Language Learning

Augmented Reality Language Learning – Virtual Worlds meet m-Learning
Zengo Sayu_ Virtual Reality Language Learning


Vocabulary Games and Resources
Online Learners Dictionary Search
What Is Fluency?
Learning Idioms - Home Page

Languages specific


Arabic Conversation (disc 3) - Teach Yourself - Free Streaming and Playlists on tunesBag
More Free Language Resources « To Learn Arabic « Assist to Learn A New Language
Learn Arabic Online. Learning Arabic language Online. Online Arabic language courses and Arabic
Arabic software
Free Syrian Arabic Language Course
Learn Arabic - Arabic School software
Arabic audio from Language Impace


LLL 1 Beginning with GOD - Runyankole
Bantu languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Web resources for Bantu languages


AA Purchases


Animated Chinese Characters « Learn Chinese from Movies
LCFM download links
5 movies -Thank You For Purchasing LearnChineseFromMovies « Learn Chinese from Movies



WordPower - Chinese (Simp) - Android Market
Hello-Hello Chinese (Tablet) - Android Market
SPB Flash Cards » Android Software » SPB Software
GettingThere Chinese - 1 - Android Market
Learn Chinese Vocabulary Free - Android Market
QuanWei Chinese Dictionary - Android Market
Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro - Android Market
chinese - Android Market


Chinese Chat Jabber-Powered, Web-Based Instant Messenger with Automatic Realtime Translation
Worldfriends - Meet International Friends, Get Travel Tips, Learn New Languages, Explore Different Culture


Go through the Customs - Chinese Listening Practice - I Love Chinese - Chinese Pod cast
Listening Dictation Exercise - Beginning Chinese CD-ROM | The University of Arizona Critical Languages Series
Chinese pinyin dictation - Pslc
Chinese Dictation | Learn Chinese Everyday 每日学华语
minimal pair dirctation - Learn Chinese


Lingomi: Learn Chinese, Listening & Pronunciation Practice for Mandarin
Chinese intonation | Antimoon Forum


PopUp Cinese Lessons
慢速中文 Slow Chinese
Yao LearnChinese Pod
Survival Chinese Pod - Learn Chinese with Experts, Whenever and Wherever - Home
iMandarin Pod
Chinese 101 podcasts
Chinese Podcasts (w/ transcripts?) - Page 4 - Learn Chinese With Free Daily Podcasts and Personal Learning Center - Direct f
LMP learn mandarin chinese video podcasts | Free Language
Rocket Languages • Index page


Chinese radio
Chinese Internet Radio - Listen to Chinese online radio news and information and practice your Chinese!
Ocrat Mirror - Voice of America (in Chinese)

Speech Recognition

Why Speech Recognition Doesn’t Work for Chinese Learners | Lingomi Blog

tts- Text2Speech

Text To Speech, TTS: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, German, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese
Chinese Text to Speech in Your Browser | Chinese Hacks
A Better Chinese Text to Speech Website from HC High Tech
Free Chinese Text to Speech Firefox Plugin
Tools Roundup for Reading Chinese Online
Chinese text annotation
Improve your pronunciation by recording yourself
Beijing InfoQuick SinoVoice Speech Technology Corp
Chinese text to voice - Text to speech. Batch converts text to MP3s. Quick Chinese Editor.
Google text to speech
NeoSpeech Lily - Mandarin Chinese Voice: NeoSpeech Lily - Mandarin Chinese Voice 3 home
NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS

App Shopper: 中文-English Audio Vocab Builder (Education)
BBC hanzi reading, listening
Cepstral Community :: View topic - How do I use Cepstral Voice with MS Narrator? - Learning Chinese
Chinese Flashcards - Learn Chinese Language Online
Chinese Listening Comprehension
Chinese Phonetics – An Online Language Teaching, Learning and Testing Study - Pinyin Dictation Test
Chinese Presentations on authorSTREAM: Page 1
Chinese Pronunciation Guide - Free online mandarin audio courses
CLO » ver4
Conversational Chinese Online
Gradint, a program for self-study of foreign languages
Hanban - Online Learning
Human Sounds 拟声 -- Ting -- Chinese - English Language
Instant Speak Chinese 100 lessons
Learn Chinese - games Sungate Technology - Home
Learn Chinese Online Everyday 每日学华语
Learn Chinese Online, Free MP3 Chinese Lessons, Free Online Chinese Lessons - eChineseLearning
Learn Chinese, Learn Mandarin.Learn Sun Tzu the Art of War online, Learn Chinese online from free MP3 Chinese lessons. Take FREE live one-on-one Chinese lessons with professional Chinese teachers now!
Learn Mandarin Chinese
Learn Mandarin Chinese with CLO » Downloads
Learn Mandarin Chinese with CLO » How we teach
Learn to speak Chinese language courses with audios
Learn to speak Chinese language lessons now for free, practice your mandarin Chinese everyday online.
Mandarin Chinese Lessons with Serge Melnyk
MSL Publisher
Peace Corps | Coverdell World Wise Schools | Multimedia | Language Lessons
Pimsleur Language Center at Catee's Language World
A range of audiobooks, most at 32kb/second, a few at higher or lower bitrates.
Practical Speaking Chinese - Free Chinese Lessons, Learn to Speak Chinese
TFree Chinese lesson. Practical Chinese lesson.
Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Rutgers Multi-Media Chinese Teaching System
SayJack - Learn to Speak Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English » SayJack
Speech Chinese 3.0
Speech Chinese 3.0 review and download. Text to Speech, Speech Chinese, Speak Chinese
Study Mandarin using VOA
Table of contents book2
Think & Talk Like Chinese
Think and Talk Like Chinese: July 2006
Ting - Chinese English Dictionary Study Center 听-汉英词典学习中心 -Learn Language
To improve your ability of learn Chinese unconsciously, easily.
World Learner Chinese
WWW Audio Tutorial of Basic Chinese
澳洲广播电台 - 今日话题

Blogging about Chinese

A Chinese Grammar Wiki And The Slow Mastering Of A Language, With Some Help From Confucius « Notes From Xi'an 西安随感
中网 Zhongweb Chinese
Practice Chinese with the best teachers
Lingomi: Learn Chinese, Listening & Pronunciation Practice for Mandarin
The Chinese Teachers Blog
Learning Mandarin Chinese Insights » Blog Archive » Learning how to Read and Write Chinese Characters
Blogging in Chinese as a Second Language
Chinese Meetup: My Chinese Coach
FluentFlix Chinese Learning Blog - Learn Chinese Online
Mandarin Segments: My long romance with flashcards
Practice Chinese with the best teachers | Chinese Hacks
Welcome! - Hacking Chinese
Laowai Chinese 老外中文 » Listening
MAKE | Why Every Maker Should Learn Chinese
《澳華網》﹕澳洲華人的信息門戶网站 Australian Chinese Daily News Network
Chinese Characters (Japanese Kanji Symbols), Translations, Tattoos
Customized Chinese Symbol T-shirts, Personalized Kanji Tees
Hacking Chinese · Everything you need to know about studying Chinese but no-one will tell you
howma news, thoughts, and fun stuff » Learning Chinese
Laowai Chinese 老外中文 » Blog Archive » Master the Tones
Learn Chinese_BLOG- LearnChinese - __BLOG
memorising & RETAINING Chinese characters -
Must-read China news by Danwei: January 2008 Archives
Postcards from China » Language Learning
The Chinese Outpost Newsletter Archive
Chinese Language Forums - Chinese Etymology Institute • Index page
Chinese Language and Culture Forums: Pinyin Chat Box


Canotnese Self Access Language Learning 1996
Cantonese Lessons - Language Difficulty Essay
China West Exchange Free Cantonese lessons, Free Mandarin lessons, Free English lessons
Chinese (Cantonese) Help sheets
Learn Cantonese on the Internet currently being updated...please wait!
Learn Cantonese! ____!



The Most Common Idioms in Mandarin Chinese
Chengyu Stories #1: Horse Horse Tiger Tiger (马马虎虎) « China & Chinese « Look Out, Knock Head!
Mandarin Segments: A Chinese Idiom in the hand is worth two in the bush
20 Actually Useful Chengyu (成语) | 一步一个脚印 - My mission from advanced Chinese learner to professional translator

Chinese Projects - 3 ring binder

Featured LiveBinders

Courses In China

Which university -
All about Qingdao? The Good, Bad Ugly. -
Qingdao University Or Ocean Univeristy? -
Qingdao Ocean University Chinese Program 中国海洋大学留学生中心
Study Visa 中国海洋大学留学生中心
QingDao Ocean University 中国海洋大学留学生中心
Qingdao - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wolfram|Alpha: Qingdao University: tuition graduate-undergraduate, ...

Courses online (free etc)

Chinese-Lessons: Free Cantonese lessons, Free Mandarin lessons, Free English lessons
Rutgers Chinese Multimedia system
PublicChinese 大众中文网 Learn mandarin
e Language School - Free online mandarin audio courses
New Concept Mandarin - Mixed-Code-Method
Mando Mandarin
Chinese (Mandarin) Language Courses - Myngle
Learn Chinese - Learn Mandarin - Chinese Course
Learning Chinese Online Page
Learn Chinese 6.0 - The Best Mandarin Chinese Language Software
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Min Multimedia teach you how to write and speak Chinese. It utilizes pictures and audio to make your chinese learning experience an easy task
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The Speak Mandarin encourages Singaporeans to speak standard English. Our website is a one-stop site for English language related resources, events and activities in Singapore. This site also has all you need to know about the Movement and links visitors to all they need to improve their standard of spoken English.
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All you need to learn Chinese online for free. Mandarin lessons, dictionary, mp3, forum and much more.
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Xiaoma Hanzi Chinese Character 1.0.4 free download for 2.1 and up
Cojak Hanzi Dictionary: Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+7ACB (立)
Pleco Software - Chinese Dictionaries for iPhone and Windows Mobile
Chinese educational handhelds get Qt - News - Linux for Devices
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Mandarin Chinese and English dictionary -- listen to native speakers; search the dictionary with English, Chinese, or Pinyin; play games; use flash cards and review sheets to study; save your work to your account. To see Chinese characters, use a Chinese system or in your browser, go to View -- Character Set -- choose Simplified Chinese.

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New Concept Mandarin - Mixed-Code-Method


The office of Chinese language council international


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Learn Chinese with ZDT » Download study aids for free!
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Chinese Flash Cards :: Learn Chinese Characters the Fast & Easy Way
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Chinese sentences flashcard sets and study tools | Quizlet
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Visual Education -- Chinese Vocabulary
YellowBridge Chinese Flashcards for Integrated Chinese & Other Word Lists
7 Tips for Flashcard Based Language Learning | THE CHINESE TEACHERS BLOG


Mandarin Madness
Crossword Puzzle Software - Tea Sign
A crossword to help you learn Chinese
China Printables - China Crossword Puzzle
How To Make A Chinese Crossword Puzzle | Made Manual
Chinese Crosswords---For Speakers of Chinese as a Foreign ...
Crossword puzzle maker
"Mafia" game
BBC - Languages - Chinese Games - Tones and Characters
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Gameology 2.0 | We study videogames.
Lái Wán Yóuxì Support
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Word Sudoku to Learn Chinese,Word Sudoku to Learn French,Word Sudoku to Learn German,Word Sudoku to Learn Spanish
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Chinese Verbs | Top 100 Group 1
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Chinese Hacks | Learn Chinese – Tips, Tricks, Hacks, Software and Websites to make learning Chinese easier!
5 More Essential Chinese Sentence Patterns | Chinese Hacks
U Oxford Grammar Index
Basic Units of Word Structure in Chinese
Chinese Adjectives
Learn Chinese - Learn Mandarin - Chinese Course
Word order is important in Chinese

How to..


Forumosa • View topic - A mnemonic system for Chinese characters: the holy grail?
Goodreads | Kanji Pict-o-Graphix: Over 1,000 Japanese Kanji and Kana Mnemonics
Mandarin Tutorial
Cultural History of Chinese Hand Mnemonics, Calculation, and Divination
tjhands.JPG (JPEG Image, 1110x1344 pixels) - Scaled (38%)
Memorize In A Flash Memorization Mnemonics
Studying Chinese | Chinese Hacks

Learn Chinese Online - Bitwise Magazine :: serious computing
How To Learn Chinese "In" China
Learn Chinese Fast
tips for learning Chinese
Ting -- Topics -- Chinese English Study Center -- Index

Idioms, Chengyu

Category:Mandarin proverbs in simplified script - Wiktionary
Chengyu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


中网 Zhongweb Chinese » Reading and writing
HanZi Reader
App Store - HanZi Reader
Learning to Write Chinese Characters on the iPad | Sinosplice
Multi-Language Dialogue Nederlands for iPhone - Free iPhone software downloads and software reviews - CNET

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Chinaknowledge - a universal guide for China studies
China's Golden Age - The New York Review of Books
Global Chinese Language and Culture
I-Ching: Brian Fitzgerald's I-Ching.exe
Selected Stories, Lu Hsun (1918-1926)
The I Ching on the Net
Language Corner - China Today (Xinhua)

LxExchange & Tutors

Chinese Teachers

Learn Chinese with a Chinese Tutor
ChineseTutoringOnline - $20 Learn Chinese online with native Chinese teachers
iMandarinPod private lessons $15hr 一对一教学
NewConcept Chinese Online Course(Chinese Online Course Introduction) - Empowering people with Mandarin language skills... Worldwide[New Concept Mandarin]
Practice Chinese with the best teachers

Brisbane : Language Exchange Brisbane Language Exchange Chinese Japanese French Mandarin Taiwanese Spanish Italian
Brisbane Chinese / Mandarin Language and Culture Exchange - Chinese Mandarin Language (Brisbane) - Meetup
China Travel,Interpreter,Tour Guide,Translator,Assistant,translation,Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou
chinese nflrc Hawaii
Chinese and English learning
Chinese, Mandarin Penpals - Pen Friends for Exchange of Language and Culture - Chinese teachers to learn Chinese
hire guides china - Google Search
Home Language International Easy Price Calculator and Online Booking
Mandarin Tutors - Learn to Speak Chinese - Language of China
Progressive Alliance of Chinese Teachers - Finding New Ways to Teach Chinese to Westerners
SCO Teachers - Study Chinese Online
Set Your Own Price to hire personal tour guide, interpreter in china
VerbalPlanet - Online Language Lessons & Language Training - Verbalplanet


Boost your Chinese with freeware Pablo and Pingrid: Learning Chinese -- PABLO, my personal Chinese dictionary

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LCFM Full Course « Learn Chinese from Movies
Review of Learn Chinese From Movies

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Pinyin News

News in Chinese - annotated -
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pinyin stories - Google Search

Chinese Romanization Converter
convert pinyin tone numbers to tone marks
Finally, the Pinyin tool you've all been waiting for. -
Finally, the Pinyin tool you've all been waiting for. Chinese Computing and Technology Pinyin Character Converter
Pinyin Joe - MS Word and Excel Chinese Pinyin Macro
Microsoft Word Chinese Pinyin Macro - Add tone marks to standard English fonts, converting numbers to diacritics on the fly.
Pinyin news » typing in Pinyin on a Windows 2000/XP system
Pinyin Practice ~ Tones
Simplified / Traditional Chinese Character to Pinyin Converter with Pronunciation
US Pinyin Keyboard Layout for Windows 2000/XP/Vista

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New Concept Mandarin – Learn Mandarin and Cantonese reading, writing and speaking. Providing you with the confidence in Chinese language skills the effective way.
Keats, Kunming FAQ_Learn to Speak Chinese | Keats School
Build your own Chinese
Learn Chinese language and Pinyin FREE without even leaving your home. Studypond presents free audio lessons and helps learners find partners to practice.
Chiense Intute: Arts and Humanities
Browse Chinese Languages Teaching / Training
CHINA BOOKS Supplementary Texts & Titles for Teachers
Chinese Language Testing Program Recommendations
Miao Miao Chinese School, Brisbane, Australia
MIT OpenCourseWare _ Foreign Languages and Literatures _ 21F.101 Chinese I (Regular), Fall 2004
Online College of Chinese Language
Our Chinese Teachers - Learn Chinese online
PRC Division for teaching Chinese as a foreign Lx
study chinese in beijing-Rosefinch Mandarin Customer Reviews: TeLL me More Chinese - Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced [Old Version]
Happy Chinese : learn chinese software
Pimsleur Language Center at Catee's Language World
iMandarinPod - 爱汉语播客 - Learn Chinese with Experts, Whenever and Wherever - Home -
TutorMing - Free Download
ChineseAtHome - Learn Chinese Online, 24*7 one-on-one Chinese Learning - Chineseathome
Chinese Family Online Course
CLO » ver4
InstantSpeak Chinese - Learn Chinese with over 100 lessons
claimed Pimsleur similarity
Learn Chinese Characters Chinese with Ease: Volume 1 Book and Audio CD Pack (v. 1) (9782700520507): Phillip Kantor: Books
Natively Chinese Review
Chinese Master----learn Mandarin Chinese
Learn Chinese - Learn to Speak the Mandarin Chinese Language Online Free
Learn to speak Chinese with our free online language lessons. This web site focuses on Mandarin and has courses about grammar and vocabulary words.
Learn dozens of languages with free software downloads
Radio 86 Chinese | Explore & Learn | Radio86 - All about China
Real Chinese Language
TALk to the World with Takeaway Languages :: Learn Chinese Language
State Administration of Grain

Resource Listings
AussieEducator mandarin listing
mandarin - So you want to learn a language
Go Chinese - Android- teacher corrections
CAIS Learning Chinese online
Chinese (Mandarin) - Wikibooks
Chinese links Links - Resources and materials
Confucius Institute 网络孔子学院
Home | Mandarin Center - Beta
iLoveLanguages - Your Guide to Languages on the Web
Kwan - learning chinese links
Learn Chinese - Free Online Courses
National Taiwan U 國立台灣師範大學英語學系 -- 虛擬語言中心
On-line Chinese Tools
Pinyin Joe - MS Windows 7 Chinese Language Features, Setup Help
Seven Free Online Resources for Learning Chinese Faster
Speak Mandarin Campaign
X-Fucking Large Links Page!


Popular Categories - nciku Mobile Chinese Conversations


Popular Chinese songs of all times
Learn Chinese: Chinese Song Lyrics, Chinese Folk Songs, Pop Songs
Chinese Song - happy chinese forum learning chinese online - Happy Chinese Software!
Chinese Songs


Don’t become “mute Chinese” | Chinese Hacks


BBC - Languages - Chinese Games - Tones and Characters
Chinese Syllables
pinyin with tones
PZ Chinese Tools
Robotic Teacher Dilemma: Attack or Instruct at Praxis Language - Learning on Your Terms
Praxis Language constructs web-based, language-learning programs designed around the needs of students when, where, and how they prefer to study. This is how languages will be learned in the 21st century.
Seeing the Tones of Mandarin Chinese with Praat | Sinosplice: Life in China
Sinosplice | Language: Mandarin Chinese Tone Pair Drills
Sinosplice Language Resources. Original resources for beginner and intermediate students of Mandarin Chinese, created by John Pasden.
tone drill
Toward Better Tones in Natural Speech | Sinosplice: Life


Chinese Stories Platform - 中文故事播報台 Learning Chinese From Stories
Stories colour coded & voice Qintessential
THE CHINESE PEAR STORIES - Narratives Across Seven Chinese Dialects --

Tools & Technology

PDAzh & Software

Android HanWriting IME
d-Ear 得意音通
MonkeyKing Chinese, Chinese Alphabet, MB Free Chinese Zodiac Compatibility, Chinese Character Bible ... Buy Now
Chinese Calendar - Make Your Own
Browsable, customizable and printable Chinese calendar since 1646 in multiple formats and the ccal program for computing Chinese calendar.
Chinese software and Japanese software. Learn Chinese or Japanese with software from EuroAsiaSo
Chinese software, learn Chinese with software fom EuroAsiasoftware
Chinese software for beginners and experienced students.
d-Ear Chinese Input for PPC 2003 1.6 Windows Mobile Pocket PC
Douwe Osinga's home page
eChinese Learn Chinese PDA mp4 touch screen - Brand New - eBay, MP4 Players, MP3, Digital Players, Electronics. (end time 02-Aug-08 16:42:17 AEST)
Han Trainer Pocket
Handy Book download - Stable, Convenient, and Handy! Available for Pocket PC... - PocketPC Software Downloads - Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, PalmOS, Smartphone, Symbian, PC Pocket, PPC
KaiXue Windows reader
Learning Chinese Using QQ
Maction Technologies, Inc. - PocketPC Software Downloads
Monster Chinese 4.2 Windows Mobile Pocket PC
Shanghai Buy & Sell - Items for Sale
Software to easily learn to read and write Chinese characters and vocabulary -- Your Guide to the Chinese Internet
Hanzi to Pinyin - Chinese
Hanzi2Pinyin Convert | CozyChinese.COM
Hanzi to Pinyin Conversion Tool - Hanyu Pinyin
Software | Chinese Hacks
TiENSTROKES Technology = Jiishuu
Tools Roundup for Reading Chinese Online | Chinese Hacks

Translation & Interpreting

China,Interpreter,Tour Guide,Translator,Assistant,Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou
FoxLingo Logo
The Wikipedia of news translation:’s volunteer community » Nieman Journalism Lab
Translating for the masses
YeeYan Translates Blogs Posts Into Chinese
Chinese Voice Over - Professional Mandarin and Cantonese Voice Over Specialists
TheChineseReader™ - Home Free Online Translation Logo
free online mandarin chinese translation services | Free Language
How to Create and Write a Chinese Talk - How to Write and Create a Talk in Chinese



Google Translate
Google Translate


FreeLanguage Video | How to Learn Languages Online for Free, Video Screencast Part 1: General Introduction | Free Language
Medlock Chinese | Mandarin Chinese for Beginners | Medlock Chinese

Where to download Chinese subtitles for movies | Learn Chinese Blog | Learn to speak Chinese
Rutgers Multi-Media Chinese Teaching System
BBC - Learning Zone Broadband Class Clips - Chinese - (video and audio search results)
App Store - PPS影音
BBC - Languages - Real Chinese - Video clips
CCTV International
Chinese Video Exercises
Ctcfl audio visual lessons in Chinese
DrDo Chinese Multimedia Trainer | Learn English and Chinese by Videos
Fun Chinese! "thmk0828"
fushoubing, speaks Chinese(Mandarin), learning English, from China - italki Language Exchange and Learning Community
fushoubing-fushoubing的博客 fushoubing的blog-世贸博客
IMDb: Mandarin
Learn Chinese
Learn Chinese - ActiveChinese
Learn Chinese - Clear and Easy Mandarin Lessons
Learn Chinese - EzyChinese - Free online mandarin video courses
Learn Chinese | Learn Chinese from Video | Learn to Read Write Chinese | HanZiGong
Learn Chinese from Movies
Learn Chinese from Movies
Learn Chinese Mandarin with L-Ceps Language Learning Breakthrough - Language Learning Software for Chinese Mandarin
Learn Chinese Online Video Free Lessons Write Characters Pinyin: China On TV
Learn chinese online,Self Study Chinese video courses
Learn Chinese: China Video Online at video and other Languages videos at 5min
learn mandarin, Mandarintube, Your Chinese Learning Channel!
Learning Through Pictures User Guide | Young Bud
Min Multimedia - Learn Chinese
Chinese reading
Popup Chinese: Learn Chinese
Safe Install - Education::Languages category
The Social Network – Chinese subtitles translation | Chinese Hacks
U OxfordL: Multimedia Chinese Language
VCSC - survival chinese videos
Video-based Interactive Learning Software for Practical Business Chinese
Watch to Learn Chinese
Watch to Learn Chinese, a YouTube-Powered Learning Site
wikis and contributions of "Learn Chinese(Mandarin), Using English" - italki Knowledge
Yabla Chinese - Chinese Immersion TV - The Authentic Way to Learn Chinese
YouTube - ilchinese's Channel


Trainchinese|Your Page
Vocabulary | Chinese Hacks
Recite Chinese Words
Chinese Elementary Course Vocabulary List
English-Chinese Vocabulary Quizzes
Learn Chinese
Learning Chinese - Opi Kiinaa by Guihua Zhu
Mandarin Chinese: Vocabulary Guide
Obscure Chinese Vocabulary
Recite Chinese Words Software Download and Review
WordBanker - Language Vocabulary Builder - Learn Spanish - Learn French -

Writing & Reading

Animated Hanzi

animated hanzi
hanzillion | a visual tour of hanzi characters
animated learning of Zh characters
Learn to Read & Write Simplified Chinese Characters
Memorizing chinese characters - Online chinese exercises
Sonicnovel Learn To Read And Write Chinese Characters
U Oxford Chinese Character strokes and radicals
USC Chinese Department

Character converters

MandarinSpot - Online Dictionary and Annotations for Chinese Web
Adso free chinese-english annotation and translation

Hanzi history & information

Chinese character Information From
Chinese Characters and Culture
Chinese characters FAQ
Kinds of Chinese Characters
Zhou Enlai on Pinyin and script reform in China

Hanzi Learning Software

Hanzi Learning Games

Hanzi -

Hanzi Grids | Create Grid Templates and Worksheets for Practising Chinese
Chinese Character Learning Tool - Personalised Chinese Learning Function
中网 Zhongweb Chinese » Reading and writing
Chinese Software by HanWJ (HanWangJian,Han Wang Jian),Chinese Input Method
Chinese software for simplified and traditional Chinese,Chinese Teaching Tool Software,Online Chinese-English Dictionary,HanZi Chinese learnign aid,Chinese Input Method(IME), Chinese word processor, Chinese Text-to-Speech. Chinese character typing,Chinese Input Tools. Chinese Writing Emulation on Keypad.Free Chinese Software Download.Hearing aid.Listen Up Web for visually handicapped. Listen To Web.
Hanzi Master
Chinese Text Annotation - MandarinSpot
Chinese Text Reader - java applet
Chinese Toolbox—a Chinese reading assistant (software to learn Chinese through reading)
ChineseBug - Memorization Tools For Learning Chinese
Cojak Hanzi Dictionary: Unicode/Hanzi Search: U+7ACB (立) » Download study aids for free!
Learn Chinese with Clavis Sinica Chinese language reading and dictionary software
nciku Store
Skritter | Learning Resources
On-line Chinese Tools - mouseover Translation Japanese-Chinese-Korean-Kanji-Hanzi
Review - WaKan Project - WaKan Freeware Tool For Learning Chinese Characters
Learn Chinese Characters
Learn Chinese Characters: Chinese Flashcards
Zhongwen Learn Chinese Characters

Type & Learn - Chinese
Whether you are a native speaker or a second language learner, Type & Learn - Chinese is a breeze to learn and simple to use. This practical, step-by-step self-paced training course is a complete study guide for anyone who wants to learn either simplified or traditional Chinese writing.

Hanzi links

Learning Chinese Online Page

Hanzi lists

The Most Common Chinese Characters - Kids Chinese Podcast 学中文
6500 Chinese characters are here!
Download 1000 most frequently used Chinese Characters 下载1000个高频使用汉字表 |
1000 most frequent Chinese Characters
Chinese Character
Chinese Characters
animated learning of Zh characters
How to Write Chinese Characters | e Language School
ktmatu - Practical Chinese Reader I Vocabulary List -
Pimsleur Mandarin Vocabulary
Resources for the textbook Practical Chinese Reader 1

Hanzi recognition tests

Chinese Character Test Applet
Find out how many Chinese characters you know with our Hanzi Vocabulary Test
Chinese Character Test - How many Chinese characters do you know_
Practical Chinese Reader Self


Publications on Hanzi Remembering Simplified Hanzi: Book 1, How Not to Forget the Meaning and Writing of Chinese Characters (9780824833237): James W. Heisig, Timothy W. Richardson: Books
Chinese Character Canon
Learn to write Chinese characters, writing chinese, how to write Chinese words, write Chinese Letters, Writing Chinese Symbols, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Simplifed, Chinese Traditional
Software For Learning Chinese | Lost Laowai


Chinese Radicals - MemoryLifter
Chinese Characters and Radicals
List of Chinese Radicals (Bushou)
Douwe Osinga's Projects: Chinese Radicals
List of Chinese Radicals (Bushou)


中网 Zhongweb Chinese » Reading and writing
Chinese Stories Platform - 中文故事播報台 Learning Chinese From Stories
Chinese Reading Practice | Simplified Chinese Reading Exercises & Materials Blog
NewsinChinese - mouseover translation
Murray's System for Teaching Sighted Chinese to Read and Write
Beginning Chinese Reader -Black_Dragon_TOC.html
Chinese Text Sampler_ Readings in Chinese Literature, History, and Popular Culture
Chinese Toolbox—a Chinese reading assistant (software to learn Chinese through reading)
HongKong University 現龍系列 ─ 現龍第二代
HanZi Reader


Cracking The Code – The Character Catalogue | THE CHINESE TEACHERS BLOG
Learn Chinese Characters
Tooltip Index
Cracking the code: character catalogue
Characters for children - sound Learn Chinese

Constructed Languages

Constructed Languages - dialect maker software
Esperanto Access



Guy Spielmann - France A Cultural Primer
ICT and language learning - story maker software
Podcast - Resource French in Action - French language courses on the Internet


Beginners Dutch Grammar - Welcome



English Exercises Online! (by Lilliam Hurst)
how to debate
Oxford Teachers Club | Business English and English for Specific Purposes
The Everyday Life Project


Edexcel BTEC


Teaching English in China: Foreign Teachers Guide
China EFL Teacher Resources
Language Conferences Worldwide Upcoming events in language, linguistics, speech and hearing therapy, translation, TESOL and related fields
2010 Melbourne Conference on China: Chinese Elites and their Rivals – Past, Present and Future (Conference Alerts - academic conferences worldwide)
ESL Associations - ESL, EFL, TESOL, and TESL organizations in the United States and around the world


Accent Coaching

Audio Slideshow Gallery
BIN-06 Pronunciation II Class Blog: Pitch Patterns and Intonation
english listening: audio stories and fairytales
Welcome Korean Visitors - Storynory free audio story


Looking for work (Queensland Government)
Glossary A - TAFE Queensland
Teacher Employment
Queensland Government Gateway’s Jobs Online
Transcript - Setting up ELICOS - Austrade
ESOS easy guide


Teaching Resources for TESOL & TEFL
The Brisbane ESL (English as a Second Language) (6)
Learn English as Second Language (6)
Learn Mandarin, Socially | Chinese Hacks

Business English

Books & documents

Economics Resources for College Teachers
Content-based Business English Curricula
Asian EFL Journal | Site Map Home | English Language Teaching and Research Articles
Using the PhraseBook in Teaching - English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Business startup

10 Tips for a Strong Start - Successful Business Tips -
Low Cost Business Ideas, Starting a Business -
Business Ideas, Starting a Business Kits -
Small Business Startup Checklist
Transportation & Logistics Trade Publication
Healthcare Trade Publication
Small Business Administration - Small Business Planner
Small Business Administration - Get Ready
Learn how to Start A Business, how to Write A Business Plan, and all about Business Start Up

Critical Thinking

Open Directory - Science: Science in Society: Skeptical Inquiry: Critical Thinking
Critical thinking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Business English Teaching: Imaginative Continuous Simulations and Critical Analysis Tasks.
A Simulation for Business English Students

Software & video

Internet-Based Projects for Business English (Opp-Beckman, Westerfield)
Using the Internet in Economics Lessons
ebook | B E Pod :: Learn Business English Online
Business English eBook | Teach Business English | Business ESP
Clarity English language teaching software | Programs
BEPod :: Subscription

Study skills

Business English : Negotiations in English |
The Teacher's Guide for an EAP Course in Business Administration:
Research in English for Academic Purposes-英语论文
English for Academic Purposes |
Business English, Legal English, English for Academic Purposes, etc. - English for Specific Purposes World

TaskBased BEng

An Integrated Project Approach: Task-based Syllabus Design

Using Second Life to teach Business English


TexToys - Authoring tool for Rhubarb and Sequitur language learning exercises
Authoring Tools
Six computer games to use in an English language classroom

Clip Art

UVic's Language Teaching Clipart Library
The Language Menu

Commercial sites

ILSC-Australia in Sydney and Brisbane: Study and Learn English in Australia
LingQ Learn English, Learning the English Language, Business, TOEFL, Online ESL School
Pimsleur Learn -Sitemap


Free English Dialogues for Learning English - Flying


Listen and Write


Use a Professional Hand at Essay Correction
IELTS Test Books - Adams & Austen Press - Essay Correction Service
eMarking community: January 2011 edition of the eMarking Assistant & eRubric Assistant newsletter



Education in Australia - College, University, TAFE - international students, free email - - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


English as a Second Language Activities for Adults
English as second language - activities for adults Produced and given to TBMA by Michael Aylward DISCLAIMER COPYRIGHT This document were produced and/or compiled by Mike Aylward for publishing by Thunder ...
ESL Activities - 100+ Free English as a Second Language Learning Games For Teachers
ESL ACTIVITIES INFO - a FREE collection of 100+ English as a Second Language learning games for classroom EFL/TEFL teachers. The material on this site can be used to supplement any course, and require little to no preparation.


ETIPS - Make Thinking Visible
Automated Essay Evaluation: The Criterion Online Writing Service | Media & Telecommunications > Internet & WWW from
yarns of the heart: Holt Online Essay Scoring: Can Computers Do That?
yarns of the heart: More on Holt Online Essay Scoring
Marking students’ written work: principles and practice - Good Practice Guide | Subject Centre for LLAS


Children's Writing
Easy Conversations for ESL/EFL Beginners
elllo | English Listening Online
ESL/EFL Reading - 365 ESL/EFL Short Stories
ReLingüística03 - The use of Listening in the foreign language classroom
ESL Podcast Blog » What is ESL Podcast?
Audio Books: Computer-Read
Audio Books: Human-Read
English listening exercises for English students and TEFL teachers
Labsite for adult ESOL
ESL - Listening links
This is a collection of listening practice materials designed for ESL learners. It is part of the ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE Website (, the best ESL Web directory.
EnglishRyan Free Audio and Video ESL Lessons
EnglishRyan is a website with free English audio and video lessons on a variety of funny and interesting topics. Learn English for free and have fun doing it! I guarantee that your ESL skills will improve if you listen to my lessons and let me teach you. Check it out!
ESL Downloads
ESL Podcards
Online Listening
Audio Books: Both Human- and Computer-Read
Podcasting and English Learning

Body Language

Body Language

Business English

Teach Business English Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers: Sylvie Donna: Books
Cambridge ESOL: Business English Certificates (BEC)
Top ESL Business Sites
Business English Revision Exercises
E.L. Easton Business English Online
Business Emporium
Business ESL Learning Center - Business English
English for Business, Work and other Special Purposes
Learning English - Business English
Business English: Useful Expressions
WriteExpress Interactive Business Letters
Biz/ed Resources
Business English Online
Dave's ESL Café Business Section
Technology for Business English
Where Are the Business English Blogs?
Business English from


Professional Online CALL Journals
Technology and Foreign Language Learning
TESL-EJ Main Page
CALICO Journal Articles
Instructional Technology &amp; Distance Learning
Mark's ESL Cottage Article Library
Storyboard - The Authoring Suite
Course Moodle for Language Teaching
duber dot com LetsTalk basic requirements
Computers and English for Speakers of Other Languages
Languages ICT Technology for languages
Teaching Foreign Languages K-12 Workshop
Leap Pad 'NearTouch' technology taps into language-learning skills
CALL Help Page - Sources for software
CALL page
Cutting Edge CALL Demos
CALL 4 All -- to help students, teachers and researchers to ...
Read & Write GOLD | reading and writing needs


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Basic Bot site for Artificial Intelligence Projects
Google Directory Chatterbots
ELOVIVO - (English Learning Online Live)
Geocities Botlist

Classroom management

Embassy - U.S. Embassy Beijing China

Clip Art

Design Dictionary - Design encyclopedia
Clip Art Collection for FL instruction
Make your own comic.
MFL Graphics


Collocations for ESL teachers eslflow webguide
Top 20 Business Vocabulary (eBook)
ESL: English As A Simple Language
Globish: Simplified English

conference - membership etc

::::: Asia TEFL :::::
Busan KOTESOL Conference 2004

Content Based Instruction

Davies - Content-Based Instruction in EFL Contexts (I-TESL-J)

Conversation & Speech

Conversation Units & More
Intermediate to advanced conversation activities
Pre-intermediate to intermediate general speaking activities
Just ESL Talk
100+ Conversation Questions for Your ESL Class!
Public Speaking for Teachers and Students
Conversation topics lesson plans. English Language. ESL, TEFOL ...


Burma - Time to overhaul English teaching
Teaching English in Brazil

cross cultural

Korean - Dr. Alexandrowicz's ESL Web Site - USD


Theatre - Theater - ESL Resources
Reader's Theater Editions (Readers Theatre, Free Scripts, Short Children's Plays)
Free reader's theater scripts for young readers.
Plays for Children


The generative principle and the problem of learning transfer


Specific English: Can non-experts teach ESP? Part 2: It all depends … but on what?
English Language Teaching and Research Articles

expat services

Middle East Expatriate Magazine - Online Edition - Al Hilal Publishing &amp; Marketing Group

flashcards Enhance Memory Skills
Advanced English lessons

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Dynamic HTML Resources Index
Foreign Language Learning Software
English language practice
Warmers, icebreakers and fillers for tefl, esl, elt and English teaching
124 Manually selected Word Game Resources
TEFLGAMES.COM Links to EFL-ESL Products, Articles and Online Resources
Upper Intermediate grammar activities
ESL Games from Everglory Publishing


Grammar in Language Teaching by Vivian Cook
Vivian Cook, Applied Linguistics, SLA, English Writing System
Vivian Cook Obscure Writings
Grammar Rock software for children
Interlanguage syntax problems
Pre-intermediate grammar activities
Intermediate grammar activities
AcME Verb Grammar
The Basic Cozy Grammar Course
Online Grammar Resources




PTE Academic institutions introduction page from Pearson
51ielts-无忧雅思网-朗阁 环球 新航道 北京雅思一律9折热线400-680-5851-中国IELTS第一网
TOEFL iBT Listening-Speaking-Writing Conqueror Suite(English Edition)
free pdf ielts downloads printable word doc ielts writing speech listening task 1 2


Prepare For IELTS
口语IELTS-1 认真地说 认真地说 遇上真命天子之前无人对视
口语大餐(card:people card)--无忧雅思网--IELTS,雅思 真题 英语 日语 德语 法语 留学 移民 美国 出国 加拿大 澳大利亚 英国,新东方,新航道,环球雅思,北京雅思,二外,启德,朗阁
Clase de IELTS, Peru
Plab ? IELTS? - Forums
Ielts — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress


Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS by Pauline Cullen


Check your Vocabulary for IELTS
English Language topics free vocabulary tests for TOEFL, IELTS and GRE
Vocabulary tests, writing, reading and speaking resources for IELTS
IELTS Academic Vocabulary test 1: free practice based on the Academic Word List


Autonomous Technology-Assisted Language Learning/Assessment - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
scoop.pdf (application/pdf Object)
AC sample scripts.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Free IELTS essay examples
IELTS Writing Samples Task 1

Autonomous Technology-Assisted Language Learning/Input - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
AMEP RC - Providing Research and Professional Development to the AMEP - AMEP Research Centre
CB IELTS Listening Practice test software
IELTS Reading Practice
Get Free Preparation Material of Computer Based IELTS. Learn about Computer Based IELTS to get admission. To get Scholoarships or English language Tests for Immigration, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEFIC, GRE, GMAT, ESL, English Grammar, Free material, english test preparations, Free Study Guides and Forum to discuss Computer Based IELTS
Edinburgh Research Archive : Item 1842/1470
Flight training school, pilot training, Australia
flight training schools, pilot training, pilot school, australia, aircraft engineer training
How To Score High On Toefl, Toeic, Ielts, Cael by Ross Mcbride
Students fail because they do not understand the test requirements. Students fail because they underestimate the large volume of work necessary to pass. Students fail because they have limited English vocabulary. Students...
IELTS Exam Preparation - IELTS Reading Test
IELTS Listening Section, ielts-listening
Get free detail of IELTS Listening Section. You can get all details of IELTS Listening Section along with free preparation material of IELTS test. IELTS academic test for study and IELTS general test for immigration. A big collection of Free IELTS material, IELTS Cambridge books, Free IELTS Tutorials and IELTS sample questions.
IELTS Listening Test Section 1 Sample
IELTS Listening Tip
For an IELTS listening tip that is sure to improve scores click here. You'll find an IELTS listening tip that may mean the difference between pass or fail.
IELTS Teaching Resources
IELTS Teaching Resource ,IELTS is owned, developed and delivered through the partnership of the British Council, IDP Education Australia: IELTS Australia and the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations.
IELTS Test - Answers to your questions online
Adams and Austen Press are publishers of quality educational books, CD-ROMs and tapes designed for students taking the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).
Manya Group - IELTS Listening Section
Manya Group offers TestPrep for GMAT, CAT, GRE, SAT and consulting services for studying abroad in India at MANYA BANGLAORE, GRE classes Chennai, TOEFL test Delhi, SAT prep Gurgaon, GMAT coaching Hyderabad, IELTS Kolkata. Admission Counseling for application process for study abroad. English Language Programs for TOEFL IELTS. Education Process Outsourcing (EPO) encompassing online tutoring, essay review & assessment support.
Online IELTS Demo
TEFL Forums • View topic - IELTS listening test software
TEFLtastic » Teaching IELTS
Using English for Academic Purposes: A Guide for International Students


How Speech and Voice Enterprises Can Help You
This is eslflow&amp;#39;s esl pronunciation activity-lesson guide
ByHeart educational software learning, teaching, tutoring, studying, and self-training in forei
intonation analysis sample
ESL Sample Assessment Instruments- Alaska Dept of Education
Computerized Profiling - Home Page
INTONATION OF ENGLISH - Bibliography - Universidad Complutense du Madrid
Metricality in poetry - Malcolm Hayward
Intonation - seminar - PowerPoint - teich-oslo files-Discourse Intonation newsletter4.pdf
Prosody &amp; spoken discourse -
teaching_pronunciation.pdf (application_pdf Object)
Software for Speech-Language Pathologists
Pronunciation Power 2 CD-rom
Pronunciation Power 1 CD-rom

jazz chants & music

Using Jazz Chants for Bilingual-ESl Students
TESOL Drama &amp; Arts

Journals ; method How to learn English effectively
TESOL Review (Daegu, ROK)
Goliath - Australian Journal of Education - Industry & Business News Articles - Article, News, Research, Information
English Teaching Forum Online – Dept of State - Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
The Journal of the Imagination in Language Learning
The Asian EFL Journal Hard Cover Series -
innovate Journal of Online Education
Innovate: About This Journal
TESOL Journal
Reading Online
Asian EFL Journal
Basic English Page
English Raven - methodology et al
ESL Loop member sites
Future Directions - tpr
TPR About The Originator, James J. Asher
TPR What Is Total Physical Response
Asian EFL Journal Editorial Board
Content based learning in ELT, TEFL, EFL
The Unbound. Teaching English in Russia. BKC-IH Moscow TEFL journal. ESL lesson plan. TEFL arti
ESL-Related Journals and PublicationsLinguistic Funland TESL-ESL-EFL-Language-Linguistics Links
Internet TESL Journal (For ESL-EFL Teachers)
ELT Newsletter
Vance's ESL_Home Online journals for ESL and language learning
English Teaching Forum Online – Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
TESOL and applied linguistics journals TEFL Articles - Essays for ESL teaching
Hwa Kang Journal of TEFL - ________
AJELT - Asian Journal of English Language Teaching
ELT News English Teaching in Japan
ETP - English Teaching Professional Magazine
ESL Magazine
TESL Journals on the Web - TESL-TEFL-TESOL-ESL-EFL-ESOL Links -
ESL Focus for English language teachers and students. esl - efl topics.
ESL MiniConference - Index of Current Articles
Books and Articles by Stephen D Krashen
The Reading Matrix Online Journal
Reading in a Foreign Language (RFL)
AEJ Arabian ESOL Journal
English for Specific Purposes World ISSN 1682-3257
Language Travel Magazine
Directory of open access journals
Teaching English Through Technology IATEFL POLAND
Teaching tips - Fluency for Low Levels - British Council - Language Assistant
KOTESOL Publications
Humanising Language Teaching Magazine for teachers and teacher trainers
Teacher-trainer jounal UK
Language Magazine...Subscribe Today!
TESL-EJ Main Page
ALAK--The Applied Linguistics Association of Korea
Korean Journal of Applied Linguistics ALAK
KATE (________)
KATE Journal (________)
RELC Journal - SAGE Publications - Journal Manuscript Submission
South Asia Lx Teaching & Research Newsletter
BBC British Council teaching English - IATEFL
The Language Teacher - TLT
CARLA Publications and Presentations
Research Asia New Zealand Foundation
PAC Journal vol 1
Pan-Asian Consortium ( homepage
Developing Newsletter
Singapore U - Electronic Journal of Foreign Language Teaching
Pan-Korean Teachers Association _ ___ 1
Innovate - October-November 2005 Volume 2, Issue 1
Fine Print VALBEC
EFL Geek ESL & EFL in Korea - English Teachers low TOEIC scores
Internet Resources for ESL Teachers - CAL Resource Guide Online
The Pimsleur Method - English (ESL) Weblog -
Bilingualism and Japanology Intersection
What's New at the e-Learning Centre July 2005
About AVLN
Language Learning & Technology
Language Learning and Teaching Vol6Num3 On The Net
Center for Applied Linguistics
Languages and Linguistics ERIC Clearinghouse
ERIC - Education Resources Information Center
Journal of Imagination in Language Learning & Teaching
Centre for the Imagination in Language Learning
EL Gazette Online
review Stryker- content based instruction in FL learning
Modern Language Journal
International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism
Oxford Journals Humanities ELT Journal
Journal of The Imagination in Language Learning and Teaching
Janua Linguarum - European Centre for Language Studies
Sookmyung - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Online journal- Journal of Language and Learning - Vol. 4, No. 2, December 2006
Chinese EFL Journal: Welcome to the Chinese EFL Journal
We are a free on-line English Language journal for language teachers and language learners for EFL TEFL teachers. This journal examines English Language acquisition in China.
Reading in a Foreign Language (RFL)
Society for the Scientific Study of Reading and Scientific Studies of Reading Journal
TESL-EJ Online Journal
Encyclopaedia of Informal Education

Learning ideas, tips

Mnemonic Story Building - Foreign Language Learning
Language Learning INDEX - Dugdale
Multiple Intelligences for ESL teachers eslflow webguide
TESL-TEFL-TESOL-ESL-EFL-ESOL Links - TESL Teaching Techniques
Foreign Language Lesson Plans and Resources for Teachers
hugh crumley
20 ESL Teaching Tips for English Teaching (TEFL.NET)
Liz Regan's 20 Teaching Tips for ESL teachers give free advice for new teachers, and experienced ones too.

Lesson Plans

ESL Lesson Plan: ESL Teaching Archives
Vocational Lesson Plans for Health, Family, Security and Cosmetology

Lx Exchange

Language Exchange Community - Learn English, French, Spanish - practice foreign languages
E-Mail Keypals for Language Fluency
Intercultural E-mail Classroom Connections


Dogme language teaching - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Teaching English as a foreign language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jack C Richards: Interviews
The Plain Language Association INternational (PLAIN): Your Portal to Clear Writing How to learn English effectively
The Silent Way
ABC's of English by Dr. Danny Yu, ESEC
English International: Sources
The Internet TESL Journal Weblogs
Best 19 E-Learning Blogs
Network for Language Teachers
Blended Learning Blogging Posts

mind maps

body maps


english database

Neural physiology

Google Image Result for www.morphonix.com_software_education_science_brain_game_specimens_neuro


Breaking News
English To Go


to google p.6 - 4 July 2008

Dental Assistant Careers | NSW and Australia dental health care
Onestopenglish | ESP bank: Nursing
Online Nursing Degree Program | Kaplan University


Sydney - ACU International
Australian Nursing Schools Australia Nurse Education Programs
Hawkesbury | University of Western Sydney (UWS)
Immigration and Education in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil
Skill shortages in Australia - Working In Australia
The Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL) - Working In Australia
Passages to Canada
Cost effective Australian Immigration. Simplified processing of Australian Visa, Australia Travel - National Visas

Curriculum Content

KBT Advanced Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled/Division 2 Nursing) - Kangan Batman TAFE
KBT Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled/Division 2 Nursing) - Kangan Batman TAFE
KBT Certificate IV in Nursing (Enrolled/Division 2 Nursing) - Kangan Batman TAFE
English-as-a-Second Language nursing students: strategies for building verbal and written language skills - ESL | Journal of Cultural Diversity | Find Articles at BNET
Is Squeezing Nursing Healthy? - English, Australians at work
Curriculum.pdf (application/pdf Object)
OH Nursing Curriculum.pdf (application/pdf Object)
English curriculum - Nurse Discussion and Travel Nursing Jobs
English for Nursing Manual.pdf (application/pdf Object)
English for Occupational Purposes Curriculum Development Project ...
Nursing Education in the Philippines: Nursing Curriculum Now 5 Years | What Have You
Yu Xu2.pdf (application/pdf Object)
NurseReview.Org - PRC June 2009 Nursing Board Exam Results NLE


Body Parts
English for Medical Professionals
English for nurses
Health and Medical Information Produced by Doctors -
Medical English for nurses. Reading, writing, speaking and listening exercises.
Medical Terminology
Oral English for Nurses
TEFLtastic » Medical and pharmaceutical English games and worksheets
Monty Python - Dead Parrot sketch


BYU Center for Teaching and Learning » Communication in Nursing Videos
Dawn Teaching Nursing Techniques on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

New Zealand

Schools of Nursing - Studying Nursing in New Zealand - Nursing in New Zealand
International - AUT
AUT Student Recruitment - Undergraduate Study Options