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Part A - resources


1. Live Binders Projects  "Live Binders" is a free site for building projects on any topic quickly. You can keep your project private, share it with friends, or make it public. For example, a languge study group can use it to do things together.

2. Record Your Own Voice for language study - This is a really good idea. Go here to see how and why.

3. Links to Language Learning Sites - This is a big collection of links which I have accumulated for all aspects of language learning in many languages.


Part B - translations


i) Miscellaneous


1. 만남  (Man-nam)  -  as sung by 노사 연  (Man-nam is a haunting love song, well known in Korea)

2. Korean Phrases

3. Exercise in scrambled language (both Korean and English) from StudyStack ( http://www.studystack.com/wordscramble-8501 ) : Locatives and Interrogatives

4. Occupations in Korea - based on a lesson from KBS which also has flash recordings.

5. Price Questions in South Korea. - based on a lesson from KBS which also has flash recordings.


ii) Texts created by Thor for learning  (a bit self-centred, but that helps memory)


1. Thor's bio in Korean  - polite formal style

2. My Home - a description in Korean.

3. A Philosophical Mood - a description in Korean


Part C    General Knowledge Quizzes about Korea


I have begun to make a Korea General Knowledge Quiz every week. This is one way to give the Brisbane Korea Meetup a little focus. A link to questions and answers will also be posted on the Brisbane Korea Meetup Facebook page each week. I discuss the reason for quizzes in more detail on another page. For anyone who is interested, I am also making a China General Knowledge Quizz each week for the Brisbane China Meetup (answers linked to the Brisbane China Meetup Facebook page). Note that the answers to the quiz questions represent my own understanding and are of course open to challenge (bring your evidence!).


1. South Korea - General Knowledge Quiz 1 (with answers)

2. South Korea - General Knowledge Quiz 2 (with answers)

3. South Korea - General Knowledge Quiz 3 (with answers)

4. South Korea - General Knowledge Quiz 4  (with answers)

5. South Korea - General Knowledge Quiz 5 (with answers)

6.  South Korea - General Knowledge Quiz 6 (with answers)



Part D - writings (mostly in English, about matters Korean)


1. See the general language links. There is a section on Korean.

2. Blogs in English about Korea. Also see the Asia Times which often runs articles about Korea.

3. Thor's Korea Diary. I taught in South Korean universities from 2000 to 2007 and wrote many stories.

[4. Archived news and articles about Korea: I read a fair number each year. Soon I will paste a link to these. ]


Sandbox for Korean

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