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Part A - resources


1. Live Binders Projects (many) on China and Chinese  - "Live Binders" is a free site for building projects on any topic quickly.

2. Record Your Own Voice for language study - This is a really good idea. Go here to see how and why.

3. Links to Language Learning Sites - This is a big collection of links which I have accumulated for all aspects of language learning in many languages.



Part B - translations


i) Miscellaneous


2. Mid-Autumn Festival card greeting from a Chinese friend

3. Burglar Markings and Shop Signs in China

5. Zhu Ni Ping An ( 祝你平安 ) sung by HaiXia in Zhengzhou.

6. Ride in a Beijing Taxi (dialogue)

7. Starting to Learn Chinese (dialogue)

8. Body Parts vocabulary (diagram)

9. Chéngyǔ for learning hanzi

10. "Please Chat in Pinyin" - phrases to use live online


ii) Texts created by Thor for learning  (a bit self-centred, but that helps memory)


1. Thor's bio (recorded by Sonia)

2. "My Home" - a description in Chinese

3. "My Room" - a description in Chinese

4. The Shopping Centre - a description in Chinese

5. A Choice - a description in Chinese  

6. A Philosophical Mood   

7. Stubborn Screws, Nuts and Jar Tops

8. Travelling With Strangers



Part C - China General Knowledge Questions


I have begun to make a China General Knowledge Quiz every week. This is one way to give the Brisbane China Meetup a little focus. A link to questions and answers will also be posted on the Brisbane China Meetup site (answers linked to the Brisbane China Meetup Facebook page) . I discuss the reason for quizzes in more detail on another page. For anyone who is interested, I am also making a Korea General Knowledge Quiz each week for the Brisbane Korea Meetup (answers linked to the Brisbane Korea Meetup Facebook page).

These questions are both devised by Thor and and answered by Thor. In the nature of things, some people are bound to disagree sometimes about answers. That is fine, but be prepared to defend your answers with evidence! Sometimes I may turn out to be wrong too, which is good, since being wrong means that one has learned something new. A link to an answer key is found with each quiz page.

What is the point of China General Knowledge Quizzes? - some thoughts on learning "facts", and the real meaning of knowledge.

1. China General Knowledge Quiz 1 (all quizzes have an answer key linked to them)

2. China General Knowledge Quiz 2

3.  China General Knowledge Quiz 3

4. China General Knowledge Quiz 4

5. China General Knowledge Quiz 5

6. China General Knowledge Quiz 6

7. China General Knowledge Quiz 7

8. China General Knowledge Quiz 8

9. China General Knowledge Quiz 9

10. China General Knowledge Quiz 10



Part D - writings (mostly in English, about matters Chinese)

1. See the general language links. There is a large section on Chinese.

2. Blogs in English about China and Chinese.

3. Thor's Old China Diary. I worked in Wuhan from 1998 to 2000 and wrote many stories about what I experienced.

4. Thor's New China Diary. From 2007 to the end of 2010 I worked in Zhengzhou, Henan. These stories are fewer (I was busy writing a PhD).



Part E - readings  (Archived news and articles about China: I read a large number each year)

5. a) General Readings on China from 2007 to October 2011; b) Readings on Education in China; c) Readings on Finance, Banking and Business in China.

Hint on Internet translation: For students of Chinese and Japanese, a free add-on to the Firefox browser called PeraPera-Kun is a gift from heaven. By passing your mouse over any Chinese or Japanese word you get a pop-up translation. It is really fast.




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